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Shadow Cabal
Jul 5, 08 9:03 PM
New beginning
Jul 1, 08 10:56 PM
The Citadel Awakens

Huscos the demon, self proclaimed lord of the Fire temple couldn't believe what he was hearing. His troll scouts however seemed convinced and upon torture stuck to their stories; the invaders Citadel had suddenly and without warning began to roar like a great machine. Tossing aside the troll remains he waved a scaled claw and summoned a gate to a close proximity of the fortress to see for himself. Trolls of course were invariably stupid and couldn't be trusted.

Stepping from the exit end of the portal he was struck dumbfounded by what he saw.

The fortress was indeed rumbling and shaking like a great machine but stranger things were afoot. In the air above the fortress a great dark vortex slowly spun seeming to pull in all light. Huscos stood mesmerized staring at the sight, unable to pull his eyes away. It almost seemed to be drawing him in...

Huscos didn't feel his eyes burn out of his head.
Couldn't feel his very being being ripped apart and torn into the power vortex.
He felt nothing at all.

With a final rumble and roar the Stygian Citadel fully gated into the world.


539819940_Inactive, Jul 5, 08 9:03 PM.
Forums will be up and finished by the end of the weekend.

Changes made to application.  A forum section will be created for characters wishing to join.  A brief bio and personality of each character will be required as will a specified interest.

That is all. 

New beginning

539819940_Inactive, Jul 1, 08 10:56 PM.
Many new changes coming, starting here.  Check back for more info as things develop. 
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