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Firstly, welcome to the home of the Knights of El Salvador! This site serves multiple purposes as not only is this the main site used by this society but the main Forums, Port Contention and Economy tabs can be used by society members and Nation alike! 

From here we make our plans to rule the waves of Roberts Server.  Feel free to have a look around, ask questions on the forums and maybe even get insulted by some of the salty sea dogs that populate the site. 

If you're just visiting, make your way to The Tavern on the forums to say "Ahoy!" or feel free to read through the information on the latest updates From the Admiralty, Flying Labs Software, to see the changes to the game! Above all else though, enjoy your stay!

For those who are looking to join the society, you can read details on ourselves and how to join here.

For the Spanish Nation players wishing to register for the Nation boards, click here.

Nation News!

Spanish Smack the French Around!

Joaquin Beraza, Jan 24, 09 3:49 AM.
In another frigate battle, the Spanish once again found themselves victorious. After a messy initial engagement with people bunching up, once we started sinking their ships the battle stretched out and resulted in a running battle between the two sides.

Final loses was 16 french to 2 Spanish (and 1 disconnect, namely myself)

Well done all!

Spanish Re-Claim Portobelo!

Joaquin Beraza, Jan 22, 09 2:36 AM.
From what in all accounts was a brilliant battle, Spanish forces wiped the floor with the British, with them losing 1st rates in the process.

Congrats to all who took part in this brilliant victory!


Isabella Hits level 50!!!

Veronica Valdes, Jan 14, 09 5:40 AM.
Congratulations to Isabella Montador of the Knights of El Salvador on Reaching level 50!!!

Abraam hits level 50!!!

Joaquin Beraza, Jan 13, 09 1:21 PM.
Congratulations to Abraam Aurelio of Immortalis for reaching level 50!!!


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