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Welcome To Dark Defenders!

Welcome to our humble abode.  Please register and join this guild so that I may give you access and feel free to look around.  You can get to this site by bookmarking this page or typing in any of the following Alias's.

We are a small group of dedicated players and love to have fun.  DD is no longer accepting any new players. (5/20/05)

After a lengthy melding of forces..

Baldarou, Aug 19, 05 8:44 AM.
Congratulations and all welcome Mizehra to our happy home :)  His willingness to help others coupled with his talkative nature will make him right at home, but don't be afraid to quip, he likes that ;)

Welcome Jayle!

Baldarou, Jul 27, 05 5:39 AM.
Big welcome to an old friend of many, Jayle!  I hope you enjoy our company, as we will yours. 

Welcome Zoltan to our humble home

Baldarou, Jun 15, 05 2:31 PM.

All welcome Zoltan, Khat's good friend to our collective.  She is a quietly crazy crafter and adventurer, so treat her well :)  With Zoltan comes the beautiful Sem guild community on Saritova island, so be sure to check it out.  Sem is a great place for t5 geostone and there is even a portal out nearby.  Contact me if you wish to have one of the available guild plots in Sem. 

Welcome Ssafire, Belthar, Dodger, and Tirian!

Baldarou, May 19, 05 1:15 PM.
Welcome to our newest members Ssafire, an extrodinary hunter who knows where to be when things get nasty, Belthar, a quiet individual who will soon see what it means to be a Dark Defender, and Dodger, our newest dragon who hails froms the winds of Bounty back to Istaria.  Also a quick mention to our returning DoA member Tirian.  May you all find enjoyment in our circle of friends.

Welcome Chima and Silverhawk!

Baldarou, May 15, 05 11:46 PM.
Welcome our newest members Chima, an Ex KoI fanatic that realized that a flame can still be lit after a burnout :) , and SilverHawk, a beaky individual with a great big heart.  I hope you enjoy your time with our happy family!
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