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Welcome to the  Order of the Phoenix.

The story has been told a hundred times, bent around and altered over the ages. Only few know what exactly happened. The day The Order of the Phoenix was created.

When a young, but promising Night elf finally reached adulthood, she decided it was time to find herself a friend, a soulmate: a pet.
As a child, she was always inspired by the stories about the Phoenix. Even though others seem to know for sure that the phoenix is exinct, she thinks different. A feeling deep inside her tells her that there are still some out there.

She decided to travel the world, in search of this phoenix. She met a dwarf and a human, travelling together.
They became friends, and the mortals promised to help the huntress find a phoenix.
When war was at hand however, she went back home, to aid the forces against the Horde.
Her mortal friends helped in this, which was great.

During a raid at yet another Horde Encampement, there was much resistance. The fight was hard, and there were many losses.
The huntress survived, but was stunned at the sight she beheld. There it was, in the back of the encampement. Caged and heavily guarded by orcs: A Phoenix! It had been tortured, and was very weak, but was still alive.
When the alliance retreated, the huntress hid instead. Melting with the shadows, she was unseen to mortal eye.
She stayed there for three whole days, no food, no water. Every day, she saw how the bird was tortured more and more.
On the fourth day, just as she couldn’t take the sight no longer, the orcs attention grew weak. They thought the Alliance wouldn’t strike again anytime soon, and they took care of their wounded.

That night, thinking only about the beautiful phoenix, she attacked. – the training she had, and the dangers she faced in life came in quite handy now –
Firing two arrows at once, two guards died before they touched the floor. But there was a third…
The elf quickly ran at the third guard, and slit his throat.
Did they hear his shout? … No time … with a quick strike of the blade, the lock burst loose, and the bird was free.
Eyes met each other, and chanted by the bird, the girl held still. She woke up with a blink, back to the moment.

Now quickly escape before….. A dozen guards, fully armed and ready to strike, stood at the exit. There was no way out. This meant a fight!

Using all her techniques, the elf managed to kill half a dozen of the foul orcs. The fight was very heavy, cuts ran over her body, blood everywhere. A strike with a mace and the elf fainted…
The Phoenix observed this all, regaining strength it set the remaining orcs ablaze.
Orcs running about everywhere, screaming in panic, and agony.
The phoenix, picked up the young girl, and took off into the distance.

A week later, the elf opened yer eyes. Her wounds were bandaged, but she still felt terribly hungry.
Slowly, she realised where she was. Had it all been a dream? Impossible!
She peered around the room.
The Dwarf, sitting in the coner, smoking his funny-looking pipe, holding a mug of ale in the other hand.
The Human, leaning against the wall, head down. Probably dozed off. Strange people, these mortals.
Luckily they survived the fight… Then there was the …
The Phoenix! The bird was fully recovered, feathers shining brighter than ever.
Sitting on the back of a chair, the bird peered back at her. For a moment, it seemed as though he nodded.

That night, there was a party, in honour of the young huntress, and of course the Phoenix.
Speaking her wish that night, the elf created The Order of the Phoenix.

Now, of coruse you’ll say that this story was just another version of the true one. I say different!

Who do you believe?

((Written by: Khurakhlur))
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