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PEQ Shining Alliance

"... We could kill everyone!"
"What do you think?"
" ... I'm strangely comfortable with it .. "

We are the Shining Alliance, an Everquest guild on the PEQ Grand Creation server, which is a part of Everquest Emulator. Put simply; through my own personal time of service within Shining Alliance, I find us to be the best guild around. This has nothing to do with the current mobs we are killing, our strategy for killing them, or the loot we collect, but because of our finely tuned method of recruitment, which allows us to find members who are the most compatible with our current enlistment. This ability makes not only for a fun, relaxed atmosphere but come raid time, our members work together in a beautiful harmony.. 100% willing to work with each other, and more over, enjoying it.

    We are a casual raiding guild, meaning we do raid,  but put no pressure to do so on our members.  On nights that we are not raiding you can usually see us out grouping with each other.  So as I said before, without a doubt in our mind, we are the best guild you'll find.

SA raids Plane of Hate!

539827274_Inactive, Jul 6, 08 12:29 AM.
A few nights ago (yes, I've been slacking), SA killed the Meastro and Innoruuk in Plane of Hate. A few hiccups on Maestro (my fault, I admit it), but a flawless Innoruuk kill. I was impressed at how well everyone did. I have pictures, but I need to edit them, resize them, and get them put on an image hosting site.

Now, SA is recruiting! We are looking for necromancers, bards, mages, druids, and rangers. If you would like to apply, go here and read the rules before applying!
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