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The Shyriiwook Republic Army is home to wookiees who have taken up the fight to free Kashyyyk and enslaved wookiees across the galaxy. We have set up a home away from home in Rwookrrorro on the planet of Talus.  The SRA welcomes all honorable wookiees into our family.  Bless be Bacca, may we reach our ultimate goal for our world and our people...

Aworaoawo rawwwa acoowwoor!

Unbelievably still updating this page!

Takhomasak, May 17, 15 11:43 AM.
Greetings, I have continued to visit this page for about ten years now, hoping to reconnect with old friends.  I'm not sure it's ever been effective, but here's what is probably my last update.

SRA and Rwookrrorro collapsed about a year and a half ago.  We had achieved, for a period of about six months, though, a 'golden age.'  At one point in the summer of 2013, we had about 30 active Wooks and a membership of nearly 200.  We were slaughtering Krayts by the dozen every weekend, our coffers and storehouses were overflowing.  We had over twenty honored original members rejoin us during that time...  but alas, it was not fated to be a permanent reunion. 

Sometimes I felt like I was holding the ends of a million strings to keep it together.  Some things are just to beautiful to be re-captured!

I resigned, and within a few weeks, Rwookrrorro dropped from a majestic metropolis to a barren field.  The Syren still stands, for now, as well as our old Guild Hall, but they are condemned. 

If any SRA Wooks receive this message, I, Takhomasak, am still on EMU-Basilisk.  I will be on EMU-Suncrusher when the project is completed, and I am slowly developing my own SWG content on a private server.  I will always be around, and I will always hold SRA and the people I met here in the highest regard. 

I sincerely hope our paths cross again in the Galaxy.

humbled, honored, and solitary Elder of <SRA>, now a member of <RYYK>

I may be found in my new city, the Litter Box, on Lok.  Our doors are always open to old friends.

Rwookrrorro Reborn

Takhomasak, Aug 11, 12 3:42 PM.
Greetings Wooks!

Earlier this year, I returned to Talus...  Rwookrrorro had fallen and turned to dust.  The buildings were gone, all that we had worked so hard to preserve was buried, even Chek's whiskey stash. 

With the help of Kazabecca and a host of new Wookiee friends, we've rebuilt Rwook.  I'm putting out a call to all former members and friends of the SRA - rejoin us!  Until we meet again, your torches will remain burning in the Hall of Fallen Warriors...

Takhomasak - Elder of the <SRA>
Wookiee Shout out!
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