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Beyond Control

539817970_Inactive, Oct 8, 08 10:34 AM.
Due to a reported violation of the naming policy Control Alt Escape is now Beyond Control.

Thanks for the name change. Fortunately it does not change who we are or what we are about.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Shakespeare said it best.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

[Post made by Edriana's in Ven Co.  Wow Forums]

Magtheriodon Down!

539817970_Inactive, Sep 12, 08 10:28 PM.
Control Alt Escape teamed up with The Watchful Eye to run Magtheridon's Lair and cleared it!

This is Control's first shot at Mag's and we succeeded.  Way to go guys!  I couldnt be any prouder!

Keep up the wonderful teamwork.

Kara Cleared

539817970_Inactive, Aug 12, 08 12:27 PM.
On Sunday, August 9th, 2008; Control Alt Escape members celebrated their first Karazhan clear as a guild.  It may have taken the guild one month to fully clear Karazhan as a guild but in reality it was expected as most of Karazhan Group #1 consisted of new 70's, half of them not fully geared.

It goes to show that teamwork goes a long way.  Gratzi, all members of the guild and those who have cheered us on since day one.


1st Karazhan Run

539817970_Inactive, Jul 9, 08 7:10 AM.
On July 8th, Control Alt Escape took their first step together as a team in Karazhan.  We successfully took down 5 bosses in our very first attempt as a guild/team with no wipes.  It included GusGuss, Myree, Shadowvein, Belore, Adalyn, Casts, Solee, Speedbump, Luffie, and Astrian.  7 of which has never stepped foot into Kara until yesterday and still in the process of getting gear.

This goes to show, that here at Control Alt Escape, we support one another, work well together, promote teamwork, and together we will continue to succeed.

To those who cheered us along on ventrillo and in guild chat; we appreciate it.
Welcome to Beyond Control's Guild Site.
Also known as Control Alt Escape.
Founded:  05.24.2k8
Last Updated:  10.13.2k8

Welcome to our guld website.   We are pleased to know you have an interest in getting to know us better, working with us, or joining our family.  Please take a moment of your time to read the below information to ensure this is the guild for you before applying to be a member.


• Beyond Control is also known as Control Alt Escape.  Our name changed because someone reported it as non-rp/fantasy.  Regardless and even though Control Alt Escape is not under our member's names; it will always remain who we are.

• Starial, Myree, and Kylin are the same person and are the founders of the guild.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments; please bring them to her attention.

• This guild was originally created for the founder's alts.  Starial/Myree got sick of hardcore raiding and the stress behind it, she wanted a place to relax and have fun.  Because 9 others helped make that possible, she offered them the same option.  Most of those 9 members are members today.  Starial/Myree opened the guild up more to the public as other members wanted the same out of a guild.  We are now a fun PVE relaxed raiding guild as well as family.

• As of 10.07.2k8; we have 125 guild members and are continuing to expand.  About 50 are level 70.

• We try and remain a drama free guild.  With every guild comes minor drama, but all major cases of drama is eliminated and appropriate action is taken depending on the case.  Im here to have fun, not QQ.

• More will be added here as seen fit.  As stated before, this site is under construction.


We are currently getting the members who need to be geared, geared.  We are running Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, and just started Zul'Aman.  We have alliances and work with The Watchful Eye, Singuin Morte, and Lost Logic.


We are currently looking for Druids, Shamans, Mages, Priests, and Paladins.  We take into consideration and try and make homes for everyone though.  Speak to an officer, names listed below for more information.


Dark Angel - Guild Founder/GM. [Kylin]
Death Knight - Co-GM.  GM's Alts.  [Myree, Starial, Moogooguypan, Shadowvein]
Elite Guard - Officers.  [Angelsfall, Belore, Reio, Musiaka]
Guardian - Officer's Alts.

Battle Master - TBA.  Its our highest raiding rank though.  No one at this time, has this rank.
Soul Reaper - Members who have been with the guild for quite some time and have remained active and proved their loyalty in raids.
Nether Guard - New raiders to the guild.  Geared and ungeared.  You begin here until you show your level of raid and guild loyalty.

Sentinel - Loyal Guild Members.  Been active members for a sufficient amount of time.
Nova - New members.  Members who are new to the guild.  Also members on probationary status.

Alter Ego - Member's Alts.
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