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Hello , welcome to Edge of Insanity website! Edge of Insanity is a guild of dedicated World of Warcraft players. Of Garithos !

<Edge Of Insanity> is recruiting level 70 players of any class. We are a laid back, easy going, friendly group of people who like to play the game for what it is...a game. Our gaol is to have 25 man raids going when we have the players to do so.

We are a casual raiding guild...which means we do raid but that is not what we are all about. Currently our group 1 has cleared 10/10 bosses in kara and 3/6 bosses in ZA. We are starting a group 2 soon once we get enough members but you don't have to be a raider to join. We have a good guild bank, 3 tabs, 2 of which are for guildies to buy pots/elixirs/flasks at cheaper than auction house prices. We have our own ventrilo server to be used as needed in dungeons, raids, or just to generally talk to one another. And we have our own website.

If you are at all interested in becoming a member, please whisper me in game. Or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a tell. I am always available to talk or answer questions if I am online. (Disruptor)

We do have a lot of lvl 70 characters in the guild because of the raiders and their alts, but we do not like when people beg us to lvl their character or run pre bc instances 24/7. We all had to play our toons to get where we are, please play yours. Also our guild bank is deposit only for new members, but if their is something you need you can contact an officer to get it for you. Our GB does not give out exceptions.

Thanks for your time, and if your interested I hope to hear from you soon!
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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