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Jul 9, 08 11:27 AM
Welcome All to the Crimson Nova  and T.V.C. shell website.   Crimson Nova end game shell and returning The Vanadiel Council.  Currently Dynamis is being reformed and restructured we are recruiting willing and able members, While T.V.C. is a Social Shell for all levels and Ranks.  T.V.C. a Call to Arms shell is for levels 1-49, ranks 1-5.  While T.V.C. main shell is for levels 50-75, and rank 6-10.  We promote fun, enjoyment, friendship and co-operation, with in our shell's as we strive for excellence in all we do.

"For We are Crimson Nova may those that stand in our way Perish by the fires of the Sun and be Crushed beneath our feet."

"The Vanadiel Council, were the sky is the limit, and the twilight of the Nova is our goal."

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539834167_Inactive, Jul 9, 08 11:27 AM.
All Be aware to read up on all information, some information has changed, certain events will be dropped and certain events are being added.  Sky event Rules will be added in to the Linkshell rules.  Please Read.

All Please when stating that you can not make the run identify who your character is.  I do not know all the user names.

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