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Guild Charter    

Background and Expectations

Flaw was formed in March because we were fed up with the guild we were in and wanted to do something considering we were just a small click of twelve people. Started out as a weekend warrior guild, but as time came closer for Wrath to be released - we wanted to see Black Temple before hand, so we started looking. Now Flaw is what you see today, we've grown as a group and a sort of a small family of people that know how each other work, and have that will to get out and raid. What we expect is that you don't act like your eleven in runs, unless it's KZ. Come speced how you should be in raids and have the potions, food, the works for the encounters you're about to progress in or as a guild to. Raiders are also expected to have the proper raiding downloads installed and active at raid time.


As a raider, it's good to keep your ears open and mouth shut for people that have done this but not only that, for the raid leaders to do their jobs and make sure everything goes to plan. If you have thoughts on how things really should go, ask the raid leader in a whisper if you can speak up on vent and throw out your idea for consideration.

Code of Conduct

Don't be an asshole. I know some people can be trying at times but it's important to maintain a look of being able to take it. If you want to make the person look stupid simply take a screenshot and edit the photo to how you see fit.  That would fix the little fucker and put him in his place.  Other then that, try behaving like an adult vice a ten year old child on crack. 

Rules for Major Raids 

1) Whatis a formal Raid?

a. Only Gruul’s Lair, SSC, TK, HM, BT, and Sunwell raids yield EPGP at this point.  Instances that yield EPGP will be revised as Blizzard releases new territory.

b. Only approved Raid Leaders or Officers can lead a raid that yields EPGP, and then only with the GM’s approval ahead of time. 

c. A EPGP Raid requires atleast 18 members plus the Raid Leader in order to qualify as a Raid.

d. Anyone can lead a raid that doesn’t yield EPGP.

2) Raid composition and personnel:

a. All leaders of raids, formal and informal, will select the mix of classes and levels to allow.

b. The method(s) used to join the raid will be chosen atthe Raid Leader’s discretion.  These may included but are not limited to whisper invite, and personal hand-picking.

c. Note that requests in Guild Chat or voice may not be heard and will therefore likely be ignored.

d. In selecting the Raid Team, the Raid Leader will based his or her selection on the following criteria:

        i.  Need for that class in the raid.

        ii. Participation in other raids and degree of assistance offered to the Guild.

        iii. How much the player helped the guild in other ways, including assisting in non-DKP instances at other times.

        iv. Seniority in Guild.

e. Note that being here on time for a raid does NOT ensure you will be picked to enter. 

3) Holding spots in a Raid.

a. The Raid Leader may, at his or her discretion, hold spots based on the aforesaid criteria, if doing so is absolutely necessary for the success of the raid.  For instance, if the raid strategy requires Warlocks, and none are online, spots may be retained for Warlocks at the start of the raid, in order to not delay raid commencement.

b. The practice of saving spots will be avoided whenever possible.

4) Who runs the raid.

a. TheRaid Leader is, for the duration of the raid, its unquestioned commander.

b. All choices regarding personnel, loot determinations, discipline, strategy and tactics, etc. are the raid leader’s decision alone.

c. Complaints may be filed with guild officers after the raid.

d. There is no complaint process during a raid.

5) Players who are bumped, or cannot enter a full raid will be placed on the Waiting List.

a. TheWaiting List is administered by the Raid Leader.

b. Entries on the WaitingList are on a first come, first served basis except as follows:

          i. Raid composition is the foremost requirement – if a given class/level is needed,that class/level will, at the Raid Leader’s discretion, be inducted first into the raid.

          ii. The Raid Leader will also take into account time with guild, contributions to the guild, number of raids the player voluntarily stood down, professionalism and ability to get along.

          iii. Other than the aforesaid, decisions to include from the Waiting List are on a first come, first served basis.

          iv. Once a player has been inducted into the raid, all efforts to retain that player’s position in the raid shall be made.

6) Formal Raid Leaders shall be informed of this procedure, and of various concernsleadership has, including the need to train recruits in our methods, etc.

7) Filling a Raid.

a. Based on the aforesaid criteria (most notably needed classes), the Raid Leader will select first from:

           i. Guild Veterans.

           ii. Guild Raiders

           iii. Guild Members.

           iv. Others.

b. Players are expected to be at the Raid Staging Point at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Raid.  Failure to appear on time is a just cause for removal from the raid, at the discretion of the Raid Leader.

c. Note that late arrivals will go on the waiting list.  

d. Note also that non-members will NOT be booted to accommodate Guild Members if that Member arrives late.

e. Raid Leaders may remove any player in the raid for cause. 

           i. Cause includes anything that is deemed by the Raid Leader to disrupt the raid…

           ii. Or is an act in contravention of the Guild Charter.

iii. The Raid Leader is the sole arbiter of this.
iv. Removal for cause may be petitioned after the raid, to the GM.

f. Players are not allowed to have “Stand In” players, playing their account for them inorder to “hold their spot” in a raid.  With raid spots being at such a premium for certain classes, members are not allowed to have someone else driving their character so as to preserve a position in a raid.  If you cant be there yourself, you should allow someone else who IS there to have that spot in the Raid.

g. Exceptions to the above would include family members who historically have shared the user account, or if the Raid Leader specifically asks a third party to fill in an account.
h. The Raid Leader will always have full and complete knowledge of who (what actual person inreal) is playing every character/toon.


8) NOTE TO NEW MEMBERS.  Flaw staffs raids on the basis of seniority and, as such, may make it hard to get into raids, especially at first.  Be aware that,if you show up raid-ready for scheduled raids, this IS noticed and logged, and it figures positively into future raid placements.  Also, you WILL eventually get into raids – we promise.

However, when joining Flaw, or maintaining as a new member, we ask that you understand this clearly, and keep it in mind.

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