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Auralia* (SuperAdmin) 7/14/2008 2:16 AM EST : Ethos of Knights of Justice
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KNIGHTS OF JUSTICE was created to provide an online community enabling everyone to enjoy World of Warcraft with like-minded people.  It is a game to challenge us whilst having fun.

We accept all levels in our guild and all classes.  First and foremost we are a ‘social’ guild.  We now do high level raiding but it is not compulsory to join in with raids if you do not wish to do so.   It is your  game and you play it how you wish.  Our aim is to provide a comfortable environment for whatever you want to do.

Auralia ensures the guild runs as smoothly as possible and the structure of the guild has been set up to ensure the guild will always do just that.


There are four High Councillors :  Almanmar, Darkon, Daydreamer and Osta.  They have full responsibility to make any decisions in the absence of the GM and have full access to all guild bank tabs. The only thing they can’t do is remove the Guild Mistress!

Astelarin, Decs, Draistlin, Dreinar, Kameko, Misa   and Zephira.
Their duties are to show a warm welcome to all and monitor guild activities/behaviour.  They can demote players if appropriate and also remove members from the guild in extreme circumstances.
New members will remain an ‘initiate’ for a short period of time to enable them to see if our guild atmosphere suits their game play.  If they show a willingness to participate in guild chat and are polite and helpful they will then be promoted to Member and thereon to Veteran as and when GM thinks it is appropriate.

Responsibility has been assigned to guild members who are 'experts' in their class.  They are there to help those who need any advice.

Darkon is our Raid Officer and has two Assistant Raid Officers - Astelarin and Decs.  We all bow to Darkon’s knowledge of the game!

The guild Banker is Justicebank, who counts the gold every night before he goes to bed!       The banker’s main character is ‘Osta’.


Guild rules are not set out to restrict players but provide a framework for which our members can work effectively, efficiently and most importantly, successfully.

(a)    Respect should be shown towards guild members/non-guild members at all times.  Please help and support others in need.  We never know when we will need a helping hand.  A little kindness goes a long way.

(b)    In the unlikely event of any disputes between members, please try to resolve them in private.  If any issues cannot be resolved, contact GM or any impartial officer.

(c)    Guild chat and forums are platforms where we can all interact, therefore all members should behave in a respectful manner.  At no time shall profanity, vulgarity and offensive language of any sort be used in guild chat.  This includes, but is not limited to, remarks about race or religion.  We understand that accidents might occur in the heat of the moment.  If this happens, the offending member must apologise in guild chat immediately or face possible discipline

(d)    Playful banter/teasing is expected though!

(e)    Please wear your tabard.  This shows your pride in belonging to Knights of Justice.

Anyone wishing to apply for membership to the guild, should contact the GM, High Councillors or Officers.
(a)    Any player absent for two months will be removed from the guild.

(b)    Any violaton of guild rules will result in a warning.   If the warning is ignored, the player will be removed from the guild.

The Guild Mistress reserves the right to make any changes to the above, without notice, if she considers it appropriate.

All it leaves me to say now is that as you go along your travels always remember that you are a representative of
Raise its profile and do it with pride!



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