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Chronoz777 (SuperAdmin) 9/19/2008 1:20 PM EST : SCAG Dynamis policy.
Agent's Founder and CEO
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Open for anyone will at least 1 level 75 job.

Basic SecretAgents Dynsmis rule.

1. All Agents member must listen and follow the teams leaders either the sack holders or someone who is entrust to take charge of the groups.

2. We do not want anyone to start any drama within or with outside LS people.

3. Talking in /say or /shout to your friends outside LS during event is fine but fighting with someone is not. Plese keep that in mind. I want to see LS chat clean at all times unless someone have something critical about tactic to say.

4. If you must go AFK or take a leave of absent, plese notify leader or supervisor in /tell (If you are leader of Party please change leader before you go AFK)

5. Never do /follow on anyone! I cant stress this enough! People change gears and if you lost follow and aggro some monster this could be life and death and big difference between wipe and totally fucked up #??!@?!?

6. Eat food and dont gimp yourself.

7. You are not allow to skill up during Dynamis!

8. I want to see all Provoke, pulling macro in LS chat only. All members must remove all /party gibberish out also. Only /p macro I want to see is: Sleep, Bind, Gravity,Nukes, and Raise <t> only! Lets face it most member like to do Northland and Dream World Dynamis more than city.

9. Bring Reraise item.

10. Never lot anything unless you are told to do so by officers.

Other that this I would like all our members to relax and enjoy Dynamis with us. Most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

Points will be award for:

+1. Point will be award for punctuality. We expect to see you online at least 20mins before Dynamis starting time.

+2. Points will be award if you are able to stay throughout the whole run, that 3PM GMT - the death of mega boss or 6PM GMT.

+1. Point will be award if you are able to stay and farm after the death of mega boss or after 6PM GMT passed.

So there are possibility to gain total of 4 points per runs.

Bidding system.

You are allow to bid up to 2Relic per run. The highest bidder will be the winner of lotting once each relic has drop.

We simply bid by Level. Each Dynamis has its own cost of Relic to bid.

Lowest bid will be Level1
Highest bid allow can only goes up to level 5

The formular to calculate are as follow:

Level -X- "cost of relic per level1 of each dynamis" = "Your amount of point"

You may not bid more than the points you have!
This are consider serious violations and if officers catches anyone breaking this rule will be sevearly punish.

You are also only allow to bid Relic ONLY IF YOU HAVE LV70+ OF THE JOB ONLY!

City Dynamis. (5Points per level)

Dynamis - Windust
Dynamis - Sandoria
Dynamis - Bastok
Dynamis - Jeuno

Level1 - 5Points
Level2 - 10Points
Level3 - 15Points
Level4 - 20Points
Level5 - 25Points

All non-relic items are to be Auto-Drops only. Except Wootz ore which those are one of our main Northland & Dream World Dynamis fund and will be lot by officers only.
These items are one of the main income we will use to pay for Northland and Dream World Dynamis. Lets face it, noone wants to do city dynamis a lot.

Northland Dynamis.

Dynamis BCD (8Points per level)

Level1 - 8Points
Level2 - 16Points
Level3 - 24Points
Level4 - 32Points
Level5 - 40Points

Dynamis Xarcabard (12Points per level)

Level1 - 12Points
Level2 - 24Points
Level3 - 36Points
Level4 - 48Points
Level5 - 60Points

Exp Scroll only tanks&puller lot only.

Dream World Dynamis.

Requirement - Complete Chain of Promaia mission up to Diabolos fight.

Dream World Dynamis drops HQ&NQ parts of relic and also accessory.
NQ Price will all be cost as 5 Points per level.
HQ Price will all be cost as 10Points per level.
Accessory price will all be cost as 10Points per level.

Level1 - 10Points
Level2 - 20Points
Level3 - 30Points
Level4 - 40Points
Level5 - 50Points

You are able to comment up to 3 comment. However you are only allow to comment 1 of each item:

1 HQ Relic.
1 NQ Relic.
1 Accessory.

Aegiz (75PLD|37WAR)
{Dynamis - Valkrum}
Rdm HQ - Lv1
THF NQ - Lv1
NIN Belt - Lv1     (Total of 25Points I must have in hands ready)

Freelot AF.

Please, NEVER EVER make comment such as "NIN(Freelot please)"
We will not allow it. Officers will be talking all such comment as official bidding comment!

Since Dynamis isnt free we will be charging a small point fees.

If nobody wish to bid any comment, officers will announce freelot in the following phases:

- Freelot LV75"XXJob"

- Freelot LV65"XXJOb"

- Freelot all LV

Cost of freelotting.

City Dynamis  1Point
Dynamis BCD 3Points
Dynamis Xar   4Points

Dynamis Dreamland 4Points(HQ and accessory)

If you gain relic through Auto-drop, no points will be deduct.

Enjoy Dynamis!

Open for anyone will at least 1 level 75 job.

Founder of Agents and S.A. Int, and C.E.O

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