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Welcome to Agents International

We are Endgame LS with everyday event Starting from 3:00PM GMT

Agents News

Agents Anniversary~ !!!!

6hatsu6, Jun 27, 09 8:42 AM.

Happy Birthday Agents !

Thank you to all members in this shell that we made it to 1 Year !
For this special Event has Aegiz for all of us a surprise..

The Anniversary Bonanza !!!

Members pick 4 digits an post them in the forum in the thread. The winning numbers will be picked by J his cutseywutsey Daughter~
1st prize ~ 1 million gil

2nd prize ~ 500.000 gil

3rd prize ~ 200.000 gil

For all that didnt win we still get 100.000 gil !!!

Post your lucky numbers until the 4th July 3:00 PM GMT~

This special event is not for Agents members only... NO its also for our outsiders in Secret Agents !!!

The 3rd July will be Dynamis - Sandy all the currency that drops will be auto drop to all members as special thanks for the patient and loyality you proved to the Linkshell to keep it going and work.
Also u can make up to 4 comments for artifact armor without losin points.
( The 100 still apply to the same rules~ )

Happy Birthday Agents & Secret Agents
and GOOD LUCK to you all !!!

May the Kupo will be with you~


6hatsu6, May 14, 09 6:18 AM.

We came - saw and claimed Behemoth~ Sadly no drop. 
I hope in all our interests we keep our work up !! Keep that ToD's goin :D
/cheer's the ls on  


6hatsu6, May 14, 09 3:50 AM.

Well we keep have no luck in gettin Bodies :( BUT we got hands x2 ^.^b

Congratulations to Jkrieger & Ashido

Proto-Ultima No.2 & 3

Chronoz777, Mar 8, 09 8:10 PM.

Gotta update some old and new news!

As usual our Ultima went smooth and win-win for us.....well for poor Ultima, its more like a lose-lose but hey! you were defeated by Agents! Aint that something?

Well I would like to congratulate following Agents who got some sexy red Nashira gears!

Agent QUY(a)

Agent Chouk and Aegiz (freelot)

Last but not least, Agent Merlinn (A.K.A. Kos Ommak)

More to come! so stay tune folks!

Agents's Founder and CEO

Farewell Sky

Chronoz777, Mar 8, 09 7:58 PM.

Agents has ended their Sky Era~~~

We worked hard and ended in style that every single of our members got all the Sky items they mostly want!!!

I would like to congratulate the following Agents who lost their lives and gotten rewards they all well deserved!!!


Aegiz - Kirin Osode

Feargus  Genbu Kabuto (freelot) Kirin Osode Pair of Seiryu Kote Free lot 
D Body (Free lot) Seiryu Sword (Free LOT) A LEGS (FREE LOT) A Head (Free lot) Byakko Haidate

Michyru N.Hands W Legs Genbu Shield (free Lot) Byakko Axe (Free lot)

Chouk A Hand

Coolpig A Leg (free lot)

Dide  D.Hand (Free lot) N Feet D.Body

Susaku Sune ate (free lot) Kirin Pole N Hand (free lot) Byaako Axe (Free lot) Genbu Shield (free lot) N.Feet (Free Lot)

Belowzero  W.Leg

Tarugoboom  N.Body

Jenus M.Head Free lot Seiryu Sword Free lot D Body (Free lot) Byakko Haidate W Hand (Free Lot) Sieryu Kote (Free lot) D Hand (Free lot) N Feet

Drakes D Body Genbu Shield N.Feet W Hand (Free lot)

Shigtah N.Feet (free lot)

Chon  Suzu Sune ate (free lot) A LEGS (Free LOT)

Hatsumomo W Legs

Chainny A LEGS (FREE LOT) Byakko Haidate A Head (FREE LOT) N.Hand Susaku Sune ate (free lot)

Councilhazen Byakko Haidate Seiryu Kote (free lot) W Hand (Free lot) W Feet (Free lot)

Quill A LEGS (FREE LOT) Byaako Hadate N Feet (Free lot) Axe Byakko Seiryu Kote (Free lot)

Alerin Suzaku Scythe (Free lot) W.Hand

Jkrieger Genbu Kabuto (FREE LOT) Suzu Sune ate (free lot) D Body Kirin Pole Byakko Haidate D Head

Zobeh N body (free lot) Seiryu Kote (Free Lot) Susaku Sune ate (free lot) M Head

Fontaines D Body W Hand (free Lot) Genbu Kabuto (free Lot) Genbu Shield (free Lot) Sieryu Kote

Gracie  Genbu Shield (free lot) EHead (free lot) A Head (free lot) Kirin Pole

Naw Martial Hand (free lot) D Leg D Hand (Free lot)

Kaiten Kirin Osode

Nojotoji W Feet (free lot)

Ancoron N Feet N Hand

Chronoz(Matoom) D Hand (Free lot) Susaku Scythe (Free lot) Sieryu Kote (Free lot) Sieryu Sword (Free lot)

Sars E Head (Free lot)

Merlinn Genbu Kabuto (Free lot)

Arther Genbu shield (free lot)

Meiyu W Legs

From now on Agents will spam Kirin only, so if you would like us to mecenary your Sky item or simply buy Sky item please contact Aegiz or any of our officers!!!


Until next time~

Agents's Founder and CEO

It's raining Legs!

6hatsu6, Mar 2, 09 3:42 PM.

3x Omega in 2 weeks this time!
Legs x 5!!!

Congratulations to Aegiz, Zobeh, Tarugoboom, Jkrieger and Tikasamala!!!


1 x lolHelm to Tikasamala (freelot)

Keep it rolling Agents!!!


6hatsu6, Jan 11, 09 12:58 PM.

Well as usually~ We came saw and win him ^.^b

Drops : Omega's Eye x2


Congratulations to Jkrieger & Zobeh

Also whole Agents say :

We all are very Happy that you are our Leader an our Heart of the LS.
 With you comin to the server Titan, you brought for many Light in our Dark Days of playin FFXI. 
We are Happy to laugh with you, cry with you and fever with you in all you do.
We wouldnt even want someone else to spend the time beeing with us in this Game. You brought in many People hope to keep goin. All of us Thank You for it.

Also this LS (your Baby) wishes you many more years of Safety Luck Money  
& Health that you and your Family will ever be protected.

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