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The Dark Calling News
Sep 15, 08 4:05 PM
The Drums of WAR!!!
Jul 14, 08 10:19 PM
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Welcome to The Dark Calling! 


WHdclogo.jpg picture by Longfang_photos

This is a Destruction Guild in the US (PST) Starting in the open Beta. We are a guild of long time MMO players dating back to MUD days and there are a few Warhammer table top players from the 80’s as well. We have been playing online MMO's as a team from PK’s to mass PVP and now into the great world of RVR.

Our Leadership has been playing together for over 5 years and has managed guilds over 300 active raiding members and PVPing teams. Our Goal is to not just be well known but Dominate the competition. We will be PVP focused but that is not to say we wont do PVE as it will be needed to be a well rounded guild.

If you think you have what it takes to join the ranks and be gifted with the powers of the Dark Gods. Then Heed The Dark Calling!!!!

The Dark Calling News


longfang, Sep 15, 08 4:05 PM.
We are now on Open RVR server Dark Crag!

The guild will be started once the officers log in tomorrow on the 16th. Applications will be reviewed over they next few days and spots slected for the guild. This is mainly a PVP focused guild but we will choose leaders for PVE content Raids. I look forward to seeing everyone again and if your trying to contact me in game the players name is Neighmare.

The Drums of WAR!!!

longfang, Jul 14, 08 10:19 PM.

As soon as beta opens full recruitment for the classes needed to Heed The Dark Calling will start.

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