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Generation Twilight
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Jades father loved to invent robot's, he did not care who they were for or how they were used.

When Generation Dawn raided his home and base, to stop his latest invention falling into the wrong hands, they left the base generator in a critical condition.

It blow killing him before he could fix it and left Jade’s DNA mutated and poisoned. Jade sworn she would get revenge for his death and has been recruiting like minded Villains to help.

She has been using his research notes to rebuild his base and help fight Generation Dawn.


1st promotion will be at 10000 Prestige which will give you access to the base storage devices.

2nd promotion will be at 50000.

Promotions can also be gained by recruiting 5 extra Alts that then gain 10000 prestige each. The information would need to be posted in the forums.



Save The Date - Next Double XP Weekend July 31st- August 2nd!

uther dracus, Jul 1, 09 6:01 AM.
We know you've been waiting to hear so that you can meticulously craft your plan of attack! So go ahead - take off work, ignore all of your other responsibilities and stock up on easily grab-able snacks and beverages - we won't tell anyone! Just make sure to save the date because the next City of Heroes® Double XP weekend will begin Friday, July 31st 2009, at 8:59am PST (11:59am EST) and concludes Sunday, August 2nd 2009, 8:59pm PST (11:59pm EST). Don't miss out!

I13 is here!

uther dracus, Dec 2, 08 1:25 AM.
Tuesday is the day! We will be publishing Issue 13 on the live servers, so the server will be down during an extended period of time.

Date: Tuesday 2nd December
From: Noon (12pm)
To: 5pm
Duration: 5 hours

Please also note that as a result the usual maintenance taking place on Tuesday morning is canceled.

In addition the Training Room and the Mac Beta shard will also be down during the extended maintenance window.

Full patch notes will be ready by tomorrow morning.

Get ready!

Issue 13 is coming

uther dracus, Aug 27, 08 4:36 AM.
Issue 13: Architect will bring the much-anticipated Mission Architect, which will allow players to create their own missions and story arcs to share with the community. Other new features include two new powersets, new Cimerora missions, a new Merits rewards system and a new Day Jobs system which will allow characters to continue earning rewards whilst offline.

Zombie Apocalypse!

uther dracus, Aug 1, 08 2:10 AM.
On Thursday, July 31st we will be doing a brief test of the 2008 Halloween Event on the Training Room Test Server at 1:30 PM Pacific and running approximately 2 hours. Along with previous year’s Trick or Treating we are also including a massive Zombie Apocalypse!

Zombie Apocalypse!

During the above testing time on the Training Room, be wary for the uneasy dead – they may assault any region in the game at any time! For those familiar with the Rikti Invasions, the Zombie assaults function in much the same manner. After the Halloween event has concluded, there will still be a period of an hour or more of occasional Zombie activity.

Apocalypse Associated Badges

There are a number of badges associated with fighting off hordes of Zombies. These badges correspond to overcoming each different Zombie type (Minions, Lieutenants, Bosses and Elite Bosses) in certain numbers for each type.

Trick or Treating

Like the previous years Halloween Events, while the event is running players will be able to investigate various doors throughout zones that are level appropriate for their characters to either receive a naughty Trick (the spawning of a number of different critters) or a special Treat. The Trick or Treating aspect has changed slightly from previous years. Treats can be Inspirations, Event Salvage or Temporary Powers / Costumes. For more details (spoilers) about last year’s Halloween Event, visit the excellent player created resource Paragonwiki.

We have made some adjustments to Trick or Treating based on your feedback from previous years. For this test, we would like your feedback about how often Tricks or Treats are given out, as well as the frequency you can Trick or Treat, and the spawn sizes encountered when you get a Trick while part of a group. The current parameters are as follows: A person can only click on a door once every 5 minutes. When they click the door, their name is added to a list kept on the door. If their name is on the list, they can't use that door. That list is cleared every 5 minutes. There is a 10 second timer preventing you from clicking another door immediately. Spawns will spawn according to the team size of the player opening the door. If the spawns have no one to fight for a period of time, they move to a door and leave. If they can't get to a door, they will just fade out.

We invite everyone who is interested to join us on the Training Room for this playtest and to provide feedback based on your play experience in The Training Room Discussion Thread. 

Community Relations Manager 

Villains and Heroes Merge

uther dracus, Jul 17, 08 3:14 AM.
There is a reason for the rejoicing in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. It is official – NCsoft has completely merged the two games into one game universe. All current subscribers who only had one of the games (City of Heroes or City of Villains) now have access to the features of both games. Additionally, all City of Heroes and City of Villains games for sale at retail or online will grant access to both games.

rest of the story can be found here:-
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