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Welcome to Grey Council's Website!

Grey Council was first created in EverQuest in 1999. We grew and expanded and eventually new games released and a lot of us went to other games. Since that time we've had several different game runs though a lot of us still play these games together. If you're an old GCer (join back up!) from where ever welcome, if you aren't well then "Hello!". Check out the forums for the latest information and what and server/realm you might find our members!

Drop me an email (Celestian) if you run into problems.



Celestian, Aug 19, 13 3:03 PM.
Final Fantasy XIV is coming out on the August 27th (early access the 24th). Few of us are going to be playing and the server is Gilgamesh. Expect it to be packed but it's worth the hassle to get your character on a populated server.

Look for "Celestian Starseeker" (me).

Neverwinter Online: Server Mindflayer

Celestian, May 5, 13 11:24 PM.
Some of us are playing a bit of the new Neverwinter Online game. If you would like to join us look for Grey Council on the server Mindflayer.

Guildwars 2, Need Invite?

Celestian, Aug 26, 12 2:44 PM.
If you need an invite to guild send tell to Celestian.

Guildwars 2, Server Choice

Celestian, Jul 30, 12 1:15 AM.
We will be playing with Vigilance in Guildwars 2. If you wish to play with us please join us on the guild server.
  • Sanctum of Rall

We will have the guild Grey Council created but it will be a sub of Vigilance. Release date is Aug. 25th for headstart and 28th for release.

SWTOR Servers

Celestian, Dec 27, 11 1:21 PM.
Several folks are playing SWTOR so I wanted to make sure that others that are interested would know what servers they play on.

The Empire players are on:
Lord Andraas

The Republic players are on:
Sanctum of the Exalted

Jump into voice chat (information in the GC forums here, you'll need to have an account on guildportal to see it) if you get in.
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