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ArcheAge Guides : Shrink Wand - Wand of Imperceptability
By: xiune
Added: 8/15/2005 8:29 PM
Last Updated: 8/15/2005 8:29 PM
Guide to getting The Wand of Imperceptability (original post from Salera at the eqnecro boards)

Getting There:

the map (

Looking at the map, you will see a fork (2 dead end tunnels) on the far west side of the zone. The spawn point for Koxiux the Imperceptible is 2nd to last mob at the end of the bottom tunnel. He, or his ph will stand just in front of the blue rock at the end.

To get to this location you can go 1 of two routes.

1) Cross the invisible bridge and go north to the tunnel system, follow this (its the long way to get there) all the way to your camp. This, while taking longer, is the safer route as there are few (sometimes none) see-invis mobs on the way. If you come accross a see-invis you can usually just hug the opposite wall of the tunnel to get by. If not, just use normal FD flopping to get there.

2) Cross the invisible bridge and go south to the tunnel system. This way is a slight bit riskier as there is a 3 spawn of elder thought horrors that you must pass that do see invis. These can be a bastard to get by even using HS, so the safer route is of course the above. Choice is up to you.

Setting up Camp:

You have made it to the tunnel, now standing at the entrance to it you will see a 3 spawn a little ways in. You can choose to kill these, however, you can skip them entirely and just move on by to the camp spot. The spot I used was about halfway between this 3 spawn and the 5 spawn that is at the end of the tunnel. There is a big rock in the middle that I would stay just to the right of. It is safe there to un invis, get your pet out, buff, etc..

Breaking the Camp:

Spell lineup should be, Petrifying Earth, Snare, ToM, SK, and whatever other dots you wanna throw in. To break this camp you are going to pull using root. This will never get you more than 2 mobs if done correctly.

The following is the spawn locations at the end of the tunnel (#5 of course being the end) and they are numbered in the order that you will kill them.



Pull as follows:

1) Standing in your safe spot (to the right of the rock that is in the middle) root #2. This will bring #1 to you, pet tank, tap tank, however you wish to kill it just do not move around and aggro shit.

2) #1 has died, #2 should still be rooted. Root rot him or nuke to break root and have your pet kill, it does not matter as long as once again, you do not move around.

3) Your now left with three. Do the same procedure as above. Only this time you are gonna root # 4. This will bring #3 which is the PH or spawn. You have a little room to work with now so kill as you see fit and then finish off #4 leaving you with the last spawn (#5) at the end. Kill him too.

The camp is now cleared and you should have a good 5 mins to sit around before they start to respawn. Once broken it is child's play to keep it cleared, Just setup in the far end of the tunnel and kill as they pop, it could not get any easier.

The Named:

Koxiux the Imperceptible cannot be snared or rooted. This means that when you get him to spawn you must, and I do mean must nuke him down as he starts to run. His pathing leads him out of the tunnel and you will get the 3 spawn that you skipped as adds. Other than that the guy is stupidly easy to kill, shouldn't need need any pointers for this fight. He has a supposed 50% chance of spawning but I saw it more as a 25% chance. When you kill him he will have either a cloak or the wand. The cloak is the common drop and wand drops maybe 30% of the time.

Overall a very easy camp to solo and the reward is well worth it, specially for those of you that raid
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