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Oct 30, 08 8:45 AM
guild progression
Sep 25, 08 11:16 AM
Ante Mortem Up and Running!
Aug 18, 08 12:03 AM
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Greetings and welcome to Ante Mortem, a family style leveling guild. Currently we are working on our mains, but are touching base with the guild. We have lost some of our members, which is natural for an alt/newbie guild, but in the near future we will build our numbers back up and beginning raiding once again. Our Kara runs were successful, and we know our Naxx runs will be as well.

To those of you that have stuck around, thank you. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions / concerns about the guild, feel free to ask Deathwish or his main, Rabidcoyote, as well as his Death Knight, Vezuvius.

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DWish, Oct 30, 08 8:45 AM.
Ante Mortem had their first Kara raid this week. Outstanding work by everyone who participated! I don't think it could have gone any better for our first raid together. Early next week we will finish the run...research Shade, Illhoof, Chess, Netherspite, Prince and Nightbane. We will also have another run on Wednesday, same time as this week.

Again, well done everyone!


guild progression

DWish, Sep 25, 08 11:16 AM.
first of all, i'd like to welcome new members to the guild; those that have been here from the beginning thank you for sticking around and helping us grow. i've seen a lot of progress from everyone.

to those who made it to our first raid to give new players a taste of raiding, thank you very much for coming. aennae and i were very happy with the results.

i hope to have our first real raid in the coming weeks (old school raids). when enough of us hit 70 we will begin raiding kara and go from there.

again, welcome and thanks for joining Ante Mortem.


Ante Mortem Up and Running!

539849917_Inactive, Aug 18, 08 12:03 AM.
Well with some research Ante Mortem now is lucky to have it's own new website! It is my pleasure to accept any comments that you guys have and I would be flattered with some feed back! Hopefully you guys will use the site and enjoy the services!

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