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Pistol-Packing Grannies
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Welcome to Pistol-Packing Grannies on Guild Portal!

We're a low-pressure CoH Super Group on the Justice server.  Most of us are altohalics or solo artists, so there are no formal team events, etc.  The reason most of us are in an SG at all are because of the features of our base. 

Our base includes all the amenities:

- All 22 hero-side teleportation beacons,
- A fully-amped medical reclaimator (restores to 45% health and 45% endurance),
- All 3 base crafting tables (basic, advanced, expert),
- The highest-level temporary buff machine ("Supercollider"),
- An Ouroboros crystal, so after level 25 you can re-visit your out-leveled adventures,
- An invention crafting table,
- A wall safe ("personal storage vault" access),
- Storage for salvage, enhancements and inspirations (see below),
- Private rooms if you want someplace to decorate, hang your personal items, etc.

If you want private (but not truly secure) storage of salvage or enhancements, please put them in the tables or racks labelled "private", and please don't take anything out of those that you didn't put in there yourself.  Space is limited, so please use these for short-term storage only (to move enhancements between characters, for instance).  Anything you have that you don't need can be donated by putting it into the enhancement table near the "DONATE" labels.  Don't donate TO or DO enhancements--just sell those.

If you'd like to play without worrying about whether you can afford slotting in the early stages, try The Granny Plan.  The plan is simple: Don't even bother slotting below level 12 (or put 3 training accuracies, since hitting them with something is better than missing with anything).  At level 12, grab any of the level 15 "common" IOs from the public tables in the base.  At level 22, grab any 25s you want.  Yes, really.  But if you do this, please empty your salvage into the salvage racks labelled "DONATE" whenever you pass through the base, so Granny has a steady supply of salvage from which to craft the IOs (Granny has the "Master Crafter" badge, so she can make level 10-40 common IOs without recipes).

The inspiration holder in the med bay is also considered public and shared.  Take whatever you need, and please consider dropping any big pills in there you don't need.  Don't put any Tier 1 Inspirations in there, since the "auto doc" can dispense greens and blues, and you can make any other (Tier 1) from those using the "combine 3 into...".  Save the storage for the big pills, and only use the big pills when you have died trying to solo an Elite Boss, and you're headed for another try (in other words, when you actually need them).  Don't abuse them, otherwise you may not find something there when you really need it.


-- Granny

Why you may not THINK I'm on, but I might actually be

Granny?, Jun 10, 11 2:21 PM.
If you don't see me in blue in the SuperGroup roster, do a /tell @Granny to check for sure.

I've put my actively-played toons into a new supergroup (XGirls), only for the purpose of building a warehouse for the main group.  I'll be playing in there until I get enough prestige to get 3 workshops with 6 storage racks in each (thereby maxxing it out for salvage).  After that, I'll be leaving one toon in there, so if anyone needs any type of salvage for crafting their IOs, I can team up with them, bring them into the "warehouse", and hand them anything they need (since I'll have 5 of each of the 108 salvage types).

If I reach the goal, I'll put my toons back into PPG.

Granny is back

Granny?, Jun 9, 11 7:21 AM.
Just after becoming a 36-month veteran, Granny left the game for almost 3 years.  Now she's back, and Mighty Mandy was kind enough to pass the big red star back to Granny.  Granny immediately went to work making the base simpler, more efficient, and getting it ready for the Summer 2011 recruitment drive.  Our roster contains tons of inactive characters, some who haven't been on for 900 days!  Unless we start reaching the limit, however, there's no real good reason to remove those.

Of course, Granny also forgot about the veteran reward powers, and went ahead and played a character up to level 20 before she remembered that.  DUH.  But at least she did remember to use the supercollider to get a 20% recharge boost (kind of like a poor-man's "hasten" for an hour) a couple of times.
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