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Aug 5, 08 5:02 AM
Aug 3, 08 4:08 PM
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Aug 2, 08 2:59 PM
Jul 27, 08 2:08 PM
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Welcome to Foundation!

We're a new horde guild on Bleeding Hollow. We are a guild working on progressing to high-end raids. We like to have fun while progressing and try to avoid the politics of most high-end raid guilds. Everyone in the guild has the chance to be involved in every raid depending upon sign-up and attendence. So if you like to raid but also love to have a good time while playing we're the guild for you.
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all members and New memebers

539869191_Inactive, Aug 5, 08 5:02 AM.
To all those who didn't know, our loot is done by loot council which means the loot is passed out based on need and roll offs occur when more than one person needs the item.

keep working hard guys!


539869191_Inactive, Aug 3, 08 4:08 PM.
Found this on Warcrafter website, check it out if you'd like

Current Standings

539869191_Inactive, Aug 2, 08 2:59 PM.
Our current raid accomplishments, all Kara Cleared, Mags complete, Gruuls 2/2, and all others we are recruiting in order to start. We will be looking at going into TK asap and from there Hyjal. So work hard, show up for raids so your arent g-kicked :). Help us progress to the best we can!


539869191_Inactive, Jul 27, 08 2:08 PM.
for all memebers you know you must attend 2/3 raid nights. if you miss more than that with no excuse, no sign up, and now show then you will be given a penalty point. there is a 3 strike system so please attend as much as possible. if you can not make it for any reason send in-game mail to any one of the officers or post on forums.

thank you
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