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Red Rune
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When I am dead, Lay me in a mound, Raise a stone for all to see, Runes carved to my memory.

-Amon Amarth

Welcome to Red Rune. We are a Warhammer Online guild playing on the Phoenix Throne (Order) server.  If you are interested in joining us, please read our Guild Charter in the forums area and submit your application located at the top of the website.  - Luiden 

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Red Rune is Rank 11!

Brakxel, Dec 13, 08 8:36 AM.
Special thanks to Skunkus and Gabelore who helped kick Red Rune over the hump and into Rank 11. We have that second vault now, so fill it up with goodies!

Next stop, Rank 12 and Heraldry Cloaks!

Bigneck is a Recruiter!

Brakxel, Dec 3, 08 2:04 PM.
Our beloved Bigneck (Skunkus on the forums) has been a rock-solid Rune since the beginning. He's always helpful and nearly always online, it seems. So, he's offered to help Red Rune with recruiting! He now has the powerful /guildinvite command.

All the Runes give Bigneck a big /cheer next time you see him, and thank him for the great service.

Red Rune back on Phoenix Throne

Brakxel, Dec 2, 08 5:42 AM.
Red Rune is alive and well on Phoenix Throne, and we're back in the Alliance of Law.

See our forums for more information, any character name changes, and how to get your character back as a Rune!
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