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Xanocrates (SuperAdmin) 10/22/2008 12:02 PM EST : Guild Ranks

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1. Bacchanate - Guild Mistress. Decisions are made by committee, so the title is mostly primus inter pares... except she can gkick me.

2. Thyrsus - Officer. Thyrsus is the name of the staff that Bacchus uses. Yes, it's a pun. No, I'm not changing it. Officers are mostly responsible for coordinating raids, dealing with the administrative minutia, and reinviting Sxc when he gquits.

3. Convivia - Raiding rank. If your toon has the gear and the skill to hold your own in a progression raid, you get this rank.

4. Amicus - Friends, family, and undergeared alts. This is a social rank for people we like and want to be guilded with (or alts we're leveling/gearing up), but who aren't quite ready to raid yet.

5. Aquarius - Hunter Jim - This is a rank we created especially to demote Sxc to when he fills our gbank with clam meat.

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