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Thallis_1 (Associate) 8/31/2010 11:59 PM EST : Application for Thallis

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Are you applying for a social invite or as a progression raider? Both, although I don't always have the time to raid...

Character name: Thallis

Class: Priest

If hunter, please note that in addition to your other duties, you will also be the guild scapegoat, taking the blame for incidents including, but not limited to, the tanks dying from lack of healing, cloth-wearing classes body-aggroing trash, and us running out of booze.

Race: Night Elf

If gnome, expect to be juggled and/or turned into dinner. Hungry druid is hungry!

Spec: Holy

Are you dual-spec and/or would you be willing to respec? Second Spec is Shadow atm but I should probably spend to time to learn Disc well

If you are willing to fill another role, do you currently have the gear to support it? Include your stats for alternate specs not available on the armory.

Gear (link from the Armory,, or Ctprofiles):

Briefly describe your usual DPS or threat rotation and when (or if) it varies. If you are a healer, tell us about your healing style.

 As a holy priest I spend alot of time on raid heals these days.  HoTs and Prayer of Mending to start things off. Circle of healing and enough flash heals to speed up Prayer of healing when things heat up.  I've usually got focus set on one of the tanks so that I can hit them with guardian spirit real quick like if needed.  I'm always willing to change things up and learn.

Bonus points for a WWS parse of you performing well:

What consumables do you bring to an average raid?
plenty of mana pots, Candles enough flasks for me and a couple others (cause someone always forgets).  Food and drink, although I perfer mage food, it doesn't taste like its been in my bag for a month.

List your relevant Wrath raiding experience (bosses killed): All of ICC except Lich King and Sindragosa 10 and 25.  Most everything else in wrath other then the Ruby sanctum

Do you want to bring any alts with you? (Note: your alt(s) must be at least level 20 to warrant an invite.) I'd like to bring in my Rogue Saryon, he was my main long ago, and I like to keep him around.

About you

Have you read our guild rules? yes

Please review our raiding schedule and indicate what days you can attend. If there are any raids you can partially make, indicate that as well. Times are EST (server time).

Wednesday 9:00 pm - 1:00 am: Yes - I'm west coast so late isn't any issue usually.
Sunday 9:00 pm - 1:00 am: Yes
Monday 9:00 pm - 1:00 am: Yes

Do you have vent? A mic? Yes, Yes

Are you over 18? Or can lie well enough we’re not going to catch you out? heh, yes I am over 18

Maturity as measured in kittens: 3...I'll go with 3

Why do you want to join Bacchanalia? Give us something more than the stock, “I want to raid,” because no shit. Why choose us? 

I'm looking for a new home.  I've grown apart from my previous guild of several years.  Blitz and Uth both speak well of you all and I like what I've seen in the ICC 25mans i've been running with a few of you.

Past guilds (including imaginary ones): Circle of Equals

Reason(s) for leaving your old guild(s):I Left COE because, through attricion I'm not that close to most of the guild anymore.  No hard feelings, I just need to give something different a try.

Are you applying to other guilds (including imaginary ones)? nope

Do you know anyone in Bacchanalia? Blitz, Uth

Tell us about yourself:  By day I'm a Sys Admin for an insurance company, The rest of the time I like to make beer, pet my dogs, and yes, spend time with my Wife.

What’s your favorite web site?

Characters: Thallis Saryon Ultanar Daewarr

Garithras (Member) 9/1/2010 8:00 AM EST : RE: Application for Thallis

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Welcome to  This is 

You can do anything at

Characters: Garithras Kenal

blitzkreiger (Member) 9/1/2010 6:22 PM EST : RE: Application for Thallis

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you forgot you know saurdon, and kaeth, when he plays which is rarely

also, you need to mention we used to kick the crap out of kara together back when, amongst other things

<---- him is also the reason I still play, after the third time I was hacked, he bought me an authenticator and mailed it to Northrend, aka Canada or I likely would have been hacked a 4th time and quit the game

Characters: Blitz

Uth Army (Member) 9/1/2010 6:37 PM EST : RE: Application for Thallis

Uth Army
Posts: 4

Ok we can't go wrong with a guy who makes really what more can we ask for.  Thallis is probably one of the closest friends i have in WoW and I'll stand by him no matter what stupidity he gets into.....  Ie making fun of a passed out hunter in the middle of a Heroic Ramparts run or Dpsing all of Heroic Uk on his rogue using a dull shiv to which i think i have screen shots for both lol so yeah i think he would be a great addition to our guild

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Xanocrates (SuperAdmin) 9/2/2010 6:57 PM EST : RE: Application for Thallis

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Thank you for applying. Officer types have been out of town for a week or so, but we'll discuss it and get back to you.

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