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Xanocrates (SuperAdmin) 10/14/2008 4:38 PM EST : Guild Rules

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For those of you that recognize them, these are the (slightly-revised) rules from our original guild, Vanguard of Agamaggan.

Who We Are

We consider ourselves a casual guild that raids seriously.  Because we don't raid every night of the week, we expect you to show up on time, prepared, and with your game faces on the nights we DO raid. If you raid with us, we also expect you to know what you're doing, whether that involves researching your class yourself or talking to your guild mates.

We want to:
- have fun
- grow as a guild
- steadily progress through endgame raiding content

We are a raiding guild, but we want the raiding experience to be enjoyable. Therefore:

1. We don't force roles on people.
- People should play the role they want to play. They'll be happier and more  likely to stick with us over the long haul. That said, you may be asked to tweak the spec you’re playing with if you’ve taken talent points that are causing your performance to suffer. We also expect you to be PvE specced for PvE.
- We are open-minded with respect to specs. E.g., we have raid tanks from the different tanking classes.

2. No person or class is given preferential treatment in terms of drops. E.g., we don't have a guild MT who gets first dibs on all tanking drops. This:
- reduces our risk when individuals leave.
- gives a wider pool of folks the opportunity to get geared up. It's fun for the individual, good for the guild.


Our philosophy: quality > quantity.

We want healthy growth, not growth for growth's sake.

Things we look for in people who want to join:
- maturity (behavior not age)
- skill (not necessarily game knowledge or experience. We do want solid players.)
- good sense of humor
- willingness to help each other out

We will try, whenever possible, to bring aboard friends of our guildees, so that those folks can stick together. And we've learned that the most consistent fits for our guild come from referrals.

When someone joins, they'll have Amicus status. Rank is based on gear level – Amicus is a social rank for friends, family, and undergeared alts. Once we’ve determined that a recruit’s gear and skill is at our raid minimum, we’ll promote them to Convivia, the rank we draw on for our progression raids.

General Rules

- You own your own leveling, gear, and money. You can ask for help, but don't be noobishly annoying.

- No harassment, sexist, racist, homophobic, or other discriminatory behavior.

- Be respectful on vent in terms of your language. (Note that this isn't the same as keeping vent PG.)

- Members will not be required to raid or log a minimum hours per week. Not everyone has the time or the desire to raid. If you need to take some time off from WoW, that's cool, just let us know. However, be aware that being inactive can effect your chance to raid.

- We expect you to work out issues with guildees. No rifts.

- Be aware that the Officers may choose not to intervene in situations where you have put yourself at risk (e.g. you are sharing your account with another guildee and that person messed up your account, you give a large loan that the debtor is not repaying, etc.).

- If a guildee performs a recipe (e.g., enchanting, crafting a tailoring item, etc.) for another guildee, then the provider shouldn't charge a fee if the recipe does not trigger a cooldown and the recipient provides the mats.  We're here to help one another, not profit from each other.

Loot Policy

We expect folks to get geared up as well as possible on their own, outside of raids. People should not wait on raids to get geared up. If we, as a guild, do not take the time to gear up outside of raids, the bottom-line is in raids we'll struggle much more than we should. With that in mind, if you're putting a run together, look in guild for someone who might benefit from it instead of just bringing all over geared people to make it an easy run.

10 man raiding:
- Drops are won based on Need rolls. We do not use a DKP or loot council system.
- Before you roll Need on lesser-armor gear, check with the raid. E.g., you are a pally and you want to roll on healing mail; you are a moonkin and you want to roll on cloth. We understand that for some specs there are not a lot of gear options. Please be considerate when asking to roll on lower armor values. Just because you can wear something doesn't mean you need to roll on it.
- Before you roll Need on a minor upgrade, consider other guildees' gear. Do you really need a 2 int/2 spellpower upgrade over someone in a blue?

Alt policy:
We expect you to bring your main to progression raids. If we need a particular role (e.g., healer), we may ask you to bring an alt. If we do so, your alt has equal rights to any gear that drops.

To raid, you must have:
- Vent. If you don't have a mic or can't talk on vent, that's fine. But you need to be able to listen to instructions
- Omen (Threat Meter). It helps the raid manage aggro.

Raid invites are based on:
- which bosses we are attempting
- class composition
- consistency in attending

List of Officers

GM: Meggan (Avonia, Farenia, Kenedy, Lerola, Maclay, Melannia, Samah, Shakuntala)

- Stealthkitty (Mandisa, Metuant, Sicarious, Xanocrates)
- Thebluemage  (Thehuntress, Thejadedruid, Theredcleric)
- Idonttankjak (Icanttrackjak, Jakalas, Stealthcat, Udontknowjak)

Characters: Xanocrates Stealthkitty Metuant Sicarious Mandisa Minikitty

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