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Xanocrates (SuperAdmin) 10/22/2008 11:19 AM EST : Guild Bank Policy

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Tab 1: Full guild access

Don't make me regret this. Everyone in guild can add or remove items from this tab. Use it to transfer items between toons, donate items you don't need but others might want, etc. Do NOT put items in here no one is going to need. Gold bars, earthroot, jade, etc., that alts might use for quests or leveling professions are fine. Core leather, scorpid blood, and other outdated items are not. If you have questions about what's acceptable, ask. If you keep adding shit to the bank, we'll demote you to hunter. I mean it. -.-

Tab 2: Officer access

This tab's for fish feasts and flasks for progression raids. We also use it for enchanting mats from items de'd during guild raids. These are available to guildies for half AH prices.

Monetary Contributions: optional, but must be made in increments of 1c.

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