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Uth Army (Member) 2/23/2010 10:21 PM EST : Application ......Uthillantic

Uth Army
Posts: 4

About your character

Are you applying for a social invite or as a progression raider? both

Character name:Uthillantic, Starrscream, Uthillex

Class:Pally, Shaman, Druid

If hunter, please note that in addition to your other duties, you will also be the guild scapegoat, taking the blame for incidents including, but not limited to, the tanks dying from lack of healing, cloth-wearing classes body-aggroing trash, and us running out of booze.

Race:human, dranei, Nelf

If gnome, expect to be juggled and/or turned into dinner. Hungry druid is hungry!

Spec: prot/ret, ele/pvp ele, tank/dps

Are you dual-spec and/or would you be willing to respec? yeah

If you are willing to fill another role, do you currently have the gear to support it? Include your stats for alternate specs not available on the armory.   In time i would like to make my druid resto, got no gear for it yet so like i said in time

Gear (link from the Armory,, or Ctprofiles):

Briefly describe your usual DPS or threat rotation and when (or if) it varies. If you are a healer, tell us about your healing style.  I think most of you have seen me either tank or dps

Bonus points for a WWS parse of you performing well: comment

What consumables do you bring to an average raid? flasks / potions

List your relevant Wrath raiding experience (bosses killed): ......everything but the last 2 in ICC 10....with you guys if you remember

Do you want to bring any alts with you? (Note: your alt(s) must be at least level 20 to warrant an invite.)  Just the 3 i already listed for now

About you

Have you read our guild rules? nope....not going to lie.....but i will after finishing this

Please review our raiding schedule and indicate what days you can attend. If there are any raids you can partially make, indicate that as well. Times are EST (server time).

Wednesday 9:00 pm - 1:00 am:  i'm in    
Sunday 9:00 pm - 1:00 am:   I'm in
Monday 9:00 pm - 1:00 am:   I'm in all those are unless i get a night shift at work

Do you have vent? A mic? yes

Are you over 18? Or can lie well enough we’re not going to catch you out? yes

Maturity as measured in kittens: i like kittens they are soft lol

Why do you want to join Bacchanalia? Give us something more than the stock, “I want to raid,” because no shit. Why choose us? because i know most of you and i know you are all friendly and not a bunch of assholes

Past guilds (including imaginary ones): Circle of Equals

Reason(s) for leaving your old guild(s):  you guys know the reasons

Are you applying to other guilds (including imaginary ones)? nope

Do you know anyone in Bacchanalia? yes

Tell us about yourself: i'm me, I live in Canada.....i'm a good i'm told by all the girls that reject me lol

What’s your favorite web site? facebook......yes i know......

Characters: Uthillantic Starrscream Uthillex

Xanocrates (SuperAdmin) 2/24/2010 1:14 PM EST : RE: Application ......Uthillantic

Posts: 856

Here. I have WWSs for your bonus points. >.>


Characters: Xanocrates Stealthkitty Metuant Sicarious Mandisa Minikitty

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