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Welcome to the Èxiled Guild Site / Forums.

Hello (your name here),

    I would like to personally welcome you to the Èxiled website. We are a new and upcoming PvE (Raiding) guild on the US Realm Executus. Our first stop on the raid schedule will be Karazhan (Cleared). Zul' Aman will happen when I think we have a decent A-Team to go into it with. As we gain more members to get into 25-mans, we will do Gruuls(This Saturday)-Mag(This Saturday)-SSC-TK in that order.

    So, hows that sound? Register with the site then sign up to join. Once registerd and accepted to the site, add Astelina (me) in-game. Whisper me when you see me on for an invite. If you have any further questions you can also whisper me in-game or send me a message through the mail.

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Nice Job At Kara Tonight Group 1&2

539864925_Inactive, Jul 29, 08 11:23 PM.
Nice job guys, you all did great. We need to see dedicated members that can stay for the whole raid though. I'm not going to say any names, but if your going to have to leave it would be nice to know before hand. Downing all bosses except Netherspite, we did exceptionally well. Greatjob and goodnight all. 
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