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Death and Decay
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Welcome to Death and Decay

Welcome to the site.  I hope you will find the following information helpful.  If there are any issues or questions, direct them to me or my officers and I will address them as soon as possible.

Rules and Expectations:

1. First. This is a Leveling and PVP guild.  However, there is no boundaries.  If you want to do a raid, or anything else, let me know and I will schedule something on the guild calendar for you.

2. This guild has a wide range of player levels.  Do not spam in guild chat asking our high level players to run you through a low level instance.  Find someone close to your level and help them out as well.  If you absolutely need help from one of our high level players, be considerate of there agenda's and be prepared to wait on them.

3. The guild vault is open for everyone benefit, but do not abuse it.  If you take something from the vault, try and put something back when you can.  Obviously we want as many tabs as possible, so as far as gold goes, try and give what you can, and take as little as you can.  I have set it up so that each level can take so much for repairs, but try and use as little as possible. 

4. So far, I have seven officers, which include my wife Alandra, My close friend and Co-worker Phoenixhawk.  I trust them and expect them to be respected.  What they say goes.  If you have an issue with my officers, let me know ASAP and I will address the problem.  I will make sure they give you respect as well. 

5. Next, DO NOT SPAM FOR PROMOTIONS.  I have a system in place that will promote you every 10 levels.  Promotion spamming is highly frowned upon. and the three strike rule is in effect.  If I have 3 issues with you, you will be kicked. 

6. I ask that everyone in the guild do there best to remain as active as possible in there leveling.  It benefits you to level as far as promotions go, as well as the guild and it's reputation.  If you need help leveling ask someone in the guild, or the officers or myself.

7. Last but not least, this is everyone guild, I welcome and encourage ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.  Together, I believe we can make this guild great.  Perhaps even become ranked.  So, enjoy, have fun, and if there's any questions or concerns, please mail me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Death and Decay

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