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Welcome to the Intrepid Warriors!

We are a tight knit group of City of Heroes players based around a Ventrilo server.  If you are up for fun, thrills, and hard core fighting, come inside and take a look, you may just want to join us!  Our primary servers are Victory and Virtue and we can typically be found online weekdays from 6pm EST to 1am EST and all day on weekends.  Anyone may apply to join!

How to Join:

  •     Please be sure you have read the Intrepid Warriors Charter before applying.

  •        Go to to sign up for a username if you don't already have one. Use your main character name, if possible, when creating your GuildPortal account.

  •     Return to The Intrepid Warrior Homepage and click on "Join Intrepid Warriors" (at the top of the page, you must be logged in), and fill in a short questionaire.

  • Once you have completed this questionaire, an Admin will approve you for full membership, you will be notified via guildportal email when this has taken place.

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      PvP is so not dead!

      Madame Pistacio, Jun 17, 09 5:23 AM.
      So I was listening to some chat on Victory Forum and they said pvp is dead on Victory!  Well my friends, I say... hells no we won't go (to sleep quietly that it's dead I mean!)   Pvp is not dead.  I joined PvPEC a few months ago, and I have to say, it's a lot of fun.  I mean it's a new challenge.  We (meaning the folks in Intrepid Warriors) are good at this game, too good, not much is a challenge for us, pvp is! 

      I just want to thank everyone who has been coming to my weekly fight nights and showing up to PvPEC's features.  Last fight night there were 25+ people.   So thanks to all my PVE boys for coming!  Keep telling friends!

      Halloween Costume Contest Results

      Malchonn, Nov 3, 08 8:19 PM.
      Halloween Hess Night Costume Costume Night!

      And the winners are...

      Nock Point
      Image Hosted by

      Image Hosted by

      Nighttime pictures are awesome!

      Grats Guys and Gals!

      The Great Push

      Madame Pistacio, Oct 22, 08 6:19 AM.
      So a group of us were working on a push to 50 together, with tons of fun events on the calendar.  We had the first ding a few nights ago.  Congratulations to Helios on his very first 50!!  Others upcoming: Schatzie, Fallout Malchonn, Lisa Sparxxx, CheshireCat, Desmalla, Draugar, Jon Vessica, Dark Slushie, OneofHor'smanyalts, and Nesickt.  We look forward to having some fun with our new 50s.

      Rikti War

      Malchonn, Aug 21, 08 7:12 PM.
      In an Epic battle, with played out on the stage of the Rikti War Zone, the Intrepid Warriors had a job to do. As members of the Vanguard, we were assigned the tasks given to us by Lady Grey herself. Blood, sweat, and kinetics were shed in defeating some of the greatest threats known to Paragon. Thank you warriors for your efforts. The people of Paragon will sleep a little easier.

      A Whole lot of TFs!

      Madame Pistacio, Aug 18, 08 7:06 AM.
      Great job Warriors on the awesome amount of task forces run last week!  We did Positron, Synapse, Sister Psyche, Citadel (x2), Moonfire, Manticore, Hess(x3 I think) on the hero side and Virgil Tarikoss (x2) on villain side.  We are going to try to start a gallery of tf pictures, so if you have any to submit, please let me know!
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