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Welcome to Noble Lineage on Nimrodel
a LotRO Kin.

Current Rank: 7

We're a friendly kin working on helping each other have fun in game. We are presently working on class quests for our members that need so are rocking CD and URU.

We love to craft and openly help each other with any required components. We have several GM crafters too so if looking for something made, shoot a member a tell and we can hook you up :)
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Just to let you know I hate dagr!

Pulchraen, Feb 10, 10 12:39 PM.
Hee hee, ok, so Jason and I called it quits.... for the better.  So, I am around in Ace's kin (Blade of the Eldar) with bent right now.  I put in a transfer request, but I dont know if I will go through with it (to Firefoot).  Anyways, I miss everyone terribly and I hope that life is being very kind to you all :)  NLs forever (aka "the good wolf lords" :)

Movin on to Eruhini

Ram3700, Feb 20, 09 6:14 PM.
In case you didn't already know. I've moved to Eruhini with all my alts.  It wasn't a personal thing. I was just bored.  I've been doin tons of things with them lately and was usually online alone.  I put as many of you on my friend list as I had room for.  I'm still around and still log into vent.  Like I said, its nothing personal; its just easier to do things when you have a group of people who log on regularly and at the same time as myself.  Seeing as how my hours of game availability are only on weekdays, I'm sure you can see why I left.  Love Peace and Chicken Grease.  See ya in game.

Bentley, Jakstone, Buru, Wulfgor, Krahv, and Kungfu


Pulchraen, Jan 14, 09 10:44 AM.

Rank 7 - We have a home!

Lyrikk, Nov 2, 08 9:44 AM.
Attained rank 7 last night, Ebon purchased our new shinny kin house in Bree... I mean The Shire :( lol  j/k

Lets use the chests wisely ;)
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