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The Peace Bringers
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Welcome to The Peace Bringers!

This is a new Super Group on the Justice Server. I made this Super Group because all the other Super Groups that I have have joined always run it the way the leader wants it, and members never get and say on what the Super Group does. This is my attempt to create a member-friendly Super Group, where the whole group can choose how it is run.

Recruitment Requirements:

  • Any Arch Type. (Don't have to be a Peacebringer!)
  • Any Level.
  • As active as possible.
  • In 'Super Group Mode'. (Certain Exceptions with Higher Lvl. Heroes)
Basically anyone who wants to join, can! Also you can invite as soon as you join, so invite friends!

Super Group Base:

The base is up and running, but still under construction. With more people, and more money, the base can be improved on. Also, it is just the basics so far, like Medical Pad and a teleporter. When the group has more funds, I will post a poll or post asking what theme or layout the base should have. Also, Group Colours can be changed, and there will probably be a poll on it later.


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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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