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Welcome! Please, have a seat. Pull up a chair, yes over there is just fine. I apologise for the cryptic summons and all this secrecy, alas we have been hurt more often by stray words falling in the wrong ears than by the steel of the enemy. Our numbers dwindle while theirs are ever increasing, and yet instead of gathering whatever strength we have left we look at each other with mistrust in our eyes.

Hm? Who am I? why, I apologise. I am Aramdor, leader of the Aglatir, or the Glorious Guard. We are sworn to protect the Free Peoples of Middle Earth and her lands in the long fight against the forces of the Dark Lord. His corruption goes beyond murder and slavery, for which he is known and resisted. His minions labour endlessly to destroy the world as we know it. Should we be overcome, there will be nothing left but barren, empty lands. The living shall envy the dead, for death shall be the only release from their endless toil.

We cannot fail. We must not fail. And yet my heart foretells me that it will not be through strength of arms alone that this enemy shall be defeated. The sharpest of swords is useless without an arm to wield it. An arm without strength, strength without wisdom, wisdom without hope, none of it alone will suffice.

Ere the end comes there shall be a great strife, and the Nim Aratir will be a force that shall not be counted by the bodies in our company but by the hearts and minds that guide them. And yet, before that fateful day, there is still much that we ought to do to help our land recover should we return victorious. For the land of Middle Earth wails under the crushing blows that the enemy sets upon it. He knows that even if defeated, the wounds he so cruelly inflicts upon our land and our people will take long to heal. I fear that I shall not see the day his memory is erased, if anyone ever does.

I know, that still does not answer your question. I can see it in your eyes that you care about our cause, as you should, for it concerns you and all of the peoples of Middle Earth closely. How is it that we fight against this threat, you ask me? We do not fight it, we resist it.

Now, do not leave your chair yet, for the staff you see leaning against the wall is more than a mere walking stick. I say we resist the threat of Mordor because our efforts go beyond fighting against his minions. You see, he has many ways of achieving his goals. The fact that you and I must meet in a secret hideout is a small victory for him. Yet it is a victory I will gladly concede in order to achieve the final victory over him and rid Middle Earth of his horrid ways.

How do we resist him? In many ways, of which fighting is not the least. Yet the fighter must have a cause he believes in, for those who fight for the pleasure of the battle are all too often swayed to errors and misdeeds by the cunning of the enemy. There are other ways of resisting this darkness that ever encroaches from the land of the Shadows.  Sauron is destruction, and so we spend time away from our weapons creating whether art or tool. He is distrust, enmity and anger and so we celebrate when there is a reason to. He is his orcs and beasts and so we patrol endlessly to bring them to an end.

It falls upon us the duty to inspire and unite all of the peoples of Middle Earth to fight against the menace that threatens to engulf us into darkness. We must work hard and ceaselessly to protect what we still have left to call good and pure. We must resist Sauron’s advances in any shape they may take, whether through armed fighting or the destruction of our land and our peoples.

So you want to join us. It will not be easy, you have been chosen carefully yet there are still many tests you will have to pass. But first, you shall make the Oath of Aglatir. Repeat after me:

I Aramdor, swear to protect Middle Earth from those who would enslave and destroy it.

I shall defend Middle Earth with my word and silence, action or inaction, life or death.

I shall resist the advances of the shadow and inspire others to do the same.

I shall unite and rally those who will join forces against the threat that now looms over us

I shall hold my oath until the day I am no longer among the living, and should I ever break my word may that day come swiftly and mercilessly.


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Farael, Jul 30, 08 7:49 PM.
This website is still in construction, the Kinship has not been created yet and may never be created proper. However, do keep an eye out for the (possible) grand-opening!

I know, not too encouraging, eh? xD
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