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Version Update News (11/04/2008)

Xalwyn, Nov 4, 08 11:39 AM.

We're pleased to announce that the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update is on track for an early December release. In addition to the long-awaited continuation of the epic Wings of the Goddess mission arc, this patch will also feature new content designed with low-level players in mind, brand-new systems unlike anything you've seen in Vana'diel before, and much, much more!

All the exciting details will be announced here as they become available, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!

Old video, new Mythic weapon skills

Xalwyn, Sep 19, 08 5:03 PM.
For those of you who haven't seen the new Mythic WS's added in the Sept. patch, here's a video of the animations, note that they don't display properly because it's recorded in ffxi viewer, so the effects display inside of the person rather than inside the mob as it should (because there is no target).

===Possible SPOILERS: The animations for the new job specific weapon skills.

The Version Update Is Here! (09/09/2008)

Xalwyn, Sep 8, 08 11:38 AM.

The September version update is now ready for your downloading pleasure, with a veritable host of exciting new content that is bound to please! To prepare you for the mind-blowing experience that awaits, here's a quick recap of some of the items we've introduced on Topics thus far...
- The revolutionary new Level Sync system.
- The continuing episodes of Wings of the Goddess nation quests.
- New elements and adjustments to Campaign.
- An additional merit point category for dancers and scholars.

Learn all about the version update here.

September Version Update Preview (08/29/2008)

Xalwyn, Sep 3, 08 11:04 AM.

Seal Storage - Shami in Port Jeuno will hold/record all of your bst and kindred seals.  No need to leave any in storage.

Getting Around in Past Vana'diel - Warp NPC's will remain in town in past Vana'diel during campaigns.  Chocobo rental from the 3 [S] nations will be allowed.

More Fellows - Tweaks and improvements.  More armor, and simplified customization.

Experience Boost - Previously, enemies classified as "easy prey" or "a decent challenge" would provide a relatively paltry amount of experience points, leaving career-minded adventurers understandably dismayed. No more, however! Vanquishing these monsters will now lead to substantially larger helpings of EXP, to better reward players for braving the challenges these still-formidable foes present.

"Nyzul Isle Investigation" Gets an Overhaul - 
#1 Greatly increased chance of receiving your job-specific weapon!
Previously, only the nastiest adversaries in the darkest, dankest reaches of Nyzul Isle (Level 100) would part with the job-specific weapons adventurers seek. Now, there is a possibility that foes on other floors will drop these weapons as well, while defeating the denizens of Level 100 will guarantee you two job-specific weapons: one randomly selected, and one matching the job of the player who operated the Rune of Transfer.

#2 Progress saved to Runic Disc to be retained!
Previously, your recorded data would be reset upon completing Level 100 of the mission, reducing your Runic Disc to a rather expensive paperweight until such time as you begin the mission anew. No longer, however, as your progress data will now remain intact even after cleansing the Isle of its most deadly inhabitants, allowing you to return to the most challenging levels for another chance at the weapon you seek! Brave adventurers who have already explored every nook and cranny of Nyzul Isle, do not fear—your achievements will not go for naught! Even if your progress data has already been cleared, the Runic Key itself will now serve as an express ticket to any level of the Isle.

[#3] Progress data to be stored for all party members!
With the new version update, floor data will be recorded and updated for all players, not only those who directly operate the Rune of Transfer.
For their progress data to be updated, players must begin the mission on a floor equal to or lesser than the maximum level currently recorded on their disc. Provided this condition is met, progress data will automatically be updated each time a previously uncharted level is completed.

New Level Sync Feature to Change the Way You Party! (08/25/2008)

Xalwyn, Aug 25, 08 10:26 AM.

The FFXI development team is proud to announce the "Level Sync" system, a revolutionary new feature in the upcoming version update that will allow all players—grizzled veterans and novices alike—to adventure and gain experience together regardless of level differences!

At the heart of the feature is the new ability for members of a party to "power down" to the level of a designated target player. Now friends will be able to adventure together and gain experience as if they were all the same level!

With the introduction of this system, there will also be major changes to the way equipment is handled in regard to level restrictions. Rather than automatically unequipping items if a player's level is reduced below the item's minimum level, the attributes of high-level equipment will be scaled down proportionally to the reduced level.
This will apply not only to the Level Sync system, but to all level-restricted areas and missions. This means that players will now be able to participate in various battlefields, Assault missions, and Ballista, and also to adventure in level-capped areas such as Riverne without the hassle of having to switch equipment!
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