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Kronos - Nathrezim
Kronos One Day Kara Clear
Oct 16, 08 6:22 AM
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Welcome To Kronos.

Kronos is the next big guild in Nathrazim. Dedicated and motivated to go to the top. We have good people capable of amazing things and they deserve to be at the top so thats where Im going to take them.

The Lich King will go down! I swear it on my blood!
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Kronos One Day Kara Clear

539878510_Inactive, Oct 16, 08 6:22 AM.
The fury of Kronos was felt in the halls of Karazan today as we blasted through all foes with no hesitation. No boss left standing, the name Kronos will be remembered in those halls for years to come with fear and awe. Lets see what else can fall before the might of Kronos.
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