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Coreleonis will be taking an AFK from DDO and I've taken the guild leadership. Current members and officers please comment and discuss the future of Wild Bunch and DDO in the fourms section here. I am very interested in hearing your opinions on the guild. Should we grow? If so in what direction? Or should we maintain the status quo?

If you prefer to use Facebook please give me your email address so I can add you to that private group. RYZ567@GMAIL.COM

A similar forum for officers is available here to discuss guld successor -ship.


                -Ryz (5 April 2013)
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This site is for guildies to find up coming quest, challenges and raids times.  We also welcome those who are interested in taking a look at what The Wild Bunch is all up to you find some fun.  So for my new Guildies take some time to log on and sign up to your guild page, make sure to add your toon's and view the guild forum. The Forum is your chance to speak out on questions in game or what build fits you. Once you have been add to the site, go to the Roster an add and update your characters. In the mood to raid well hit the event page and see what is going on for the day. So just poke around and don't worry it's a fun place to hang out! 

Guild Leader for The Wild Bunch

Ryz's Addendum:
I am asking everyone to make an effort to log into this web page more. This is a great tool for us to come together as a guild. Let's find our common goals and ensure we keep communications flowing. Post such as this one can help bring groups together when we are out of game.

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Faylyn passed away in real life :(    
Faylyn, our guild leader and one of the guild founders, passed away August 30th 2011. Please visit her memorial page here. Thanks to everyone in the DDO community for helping to make her in-game funeral memorable.
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