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Welcome to Euphoria!

A hardcore raiding guild who wants to achieve end game results among a hardworking, patient and determined group of allies. 

Euphoria definition–noun Psychology.

    a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being sometimes   exaggerated in pathological states as mania.

Hello All

Welcome to the forums for Euphoria!

We hope you enjoy viewing our website, we do have a few rules and guidelines for you to abide by while you are here, in the interests of the guild progression they must be abided by.


When first signing up to the website and joining the guild, please enter your username as close to your in game name as possible.

Only one character is needed to be entered in signing up to the guild, your Main character, you may add your alternate characters into the Alt List if you wish, we do have an alt guild called Euphorians for your alts to live in.

3. The recruitment form is to be filled out to the best of your knowledge and is to be answered fully. We, like everyone else, appreciate a certain amount of levity  in all things but we do need specific answers to those questions to ascertain the fit to our existing guild.

Anything can be posted into our public forums, so if its a "Hi" or an image you want to share, or even if you want to rant about something, thats fine! We are a pretty outspoken guild so as long as the topics aren't to screwed up there will not be a problem (You can insult any and all British soccer teams that you like)
Know we are a serious raid guild and our main priority is raiding end-game content. We want serious players who are serious about raiding and Mostly, know how to follow directions.

6. Know that as a serious raiding guild we do have certain expectations from our raiders. As we understand that there may be off days, repeated failers to play your class or follow directions will result in removal from the raid force or termination. Also, there is no outside raiding of the guild for any t-8 zone.
7. Toon switching will not be allowed unless there is a dire need for a different class and it is agreed upon by all officers unanimously.
8. Loots will be done by DKP for all players except for Main Tank who does not earn DKP but is given items to progress the guild.

Welcome to the insane asylum!

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