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Forsaken Council
Hail to you fellows of of albion, and welcome to the great hall of forsaken council.
   I guarentee you friend, that you have never been in the presence of greater people.
nor seen the dark glow in kniights eyes as he glares at his enemies. nor heard the sounds of hibernians choking on their own blood as arrow shafts pierce their necks. this is the halls of the great ones. were legends begin. the hall in which feitlan lays his head and drinks his ale, were he gets the occasional slap from a bar wench. the hall were kniight MacBeths roaring laughter can be heard across realm over a tankard of ale. so come in and join us friend and let ash and tia soothe the woes of your travel. for truly you have never seen fairer maidens,
do not let their beauty fool you. or you may find a knife in your gut.
but come friend sit enjoy the fires and join us the great ones the Forsaken Council

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539887981_Inactive, Aug 6, 08 10:28 AM.
we are gna to be power leveling people upi to 24 so they can hit up thid and learn how to play their toon abit, then again we will power lvl you up to 39 so you can  play molvik after that you will be on your own in getting you levels it is very important that you learn you  character

Ml raids and Arti raids we do witht he allaince so we will keep you posted on that
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