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Aug 21, 08 9:46 PM
New Member
Aug 19, 08 7:20 AM
ml1 and 2
Aug 14, 08 3:44 AM
Ring of Demons Alliance
Aug 10, 08 9:33 PM
Whats new in Kablastum
Aug 7, 08 8:23 AM

Hiyas Peeps!

Let me welcome you to Kablastums web site. Whas Kablastum you say? Well we are prolly the most awesome guild on the planet, but currently we reside on Gaheris servor in the Dark Age of Camelot. If you are seeking membership and a place among friends to call home contact one of us in game and we will glad to welcome you to our humble guild.

guildhouse002.jpg image by joebbs59



539889752_Inactive, Aug 21, 08 9:46 PM.
Gratz to everyone in guild!!! Kablastum made number 14 in the top 25 guilds on the server for realm points earned gratz again!! And I wont tell you what enchanter made #4 on the servor in the weekly champions. <blush> but i'll bet you can guess.

New Member

539889752_Inactive, Aug 19, 08 7:20 AM.
plz welcome Ocabal to guild ! 

ml1 and 2

539889752_Inactive, Aug 14, 08 3:44 AM.
Gratz to everyone who made it ti the ml raid last nite. we had 64 ppl in the bg and everythintg went off without a hitch.

Ring of Demons Alliance

539889752_Inactive, Aug 10, 08 9:33 PM.
Gratz to Rock, Alive and Ochs for gettin us in alliance. This is huge as we will have a bigger base of friends and groups to make our guild stronger. One more step towards Kablastum being a force to reckon with on Gaheris servor.

Whats new in Kablastum

539889752_Inactive, Aug 7, 08 8:23 AM.
Whats new in Kablastum well there is new members make sure and welcome them!

that and i start school on august 14 :( so rockin well not be on as much but ill log on as much as i can but weekends ^^ i will be on!!!!  
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