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RE: Site Issues ((OOC))
Jan 5, 09 3:18 PM
Site Issues ((OOC))
Jan 5, 09 6:41 AM
New Frontier?
Jan 2, 09 1:06 PM
Always Updating
Sep 16, 08 2:08 PM
-BNI- Openings
Blue Nova Industries is currently recruiting the following:
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Welcome to

Blue Nova Industries

Blue Nova Industries - We build the items you need to blow stuff up!"

Blue Nova Industries is a corporation where we focus on everything that is business. EVE is a very large universe and there is much money to be made.

Our primary location is within the Ammatar Mandate. This area is rich in the ore needed to build up our income, and is also near a major marketing hub; Rens.

At Blue Nova Industries we do not feel there is a need to get caught up in the politics of the Empires or pirate factions. Rather we like to see profit where ever it can be made, either that be with the Empire or pirate factions.

Being a neutral corporation we still have to abide by the rules and regulations of CONCORD and Ammatar Mandate.
  1. We can not agress other pilots unless we were agressed on ourselves
  2. We can not steal from other fellow pilots
  3. Our market and renting of offices are primarily in the areas of Amarr and their allies, so respect for their culture and wishes should be practiced.
Are you interested in joining us? Please feel free to read more about Blue Nova Industries in our Rules and Regulations forum. Thank you for your interest and time, we hope to help with all your needs.

Not here because you need a loyal and teamwork oriented organization? No, you are here for business, aren't you? Well we respect those needs and would like to invite you to our Blue Nova Industries Business Deals forum for discussion on rates and deals we can work out with you.

(Always check for updated news to know more about what is going on within Blue Nova Industries)

-=Governor Nirr'ti Kala=-

RE: Site Issues ((OOC))

Nittri, Jan 5, 09 3:18 PM.
Recently Released Information

With the statement made earlier, that Blue Nova Industries has been having issues with their website, I would like to point out that there has been an accepted official new website host that Blue Nova Industries will be using. The new site is at this link: Blue Nova Industries

This new site is much easier to manage on the Admins part and the members. I will be updating the site since it is just recently new, and the site will be under construction. At this time all new applicants are requested not to apply for your membership here. Please follow the link to the newer site and apply there. The information from this site will be transferred over and most will be updated to a code that better fits all members of Blue Nova Industries.

We apologizes for any incovninice that this might of caused for newer applicants, pilots seeking business and trade, and older members to the site. Thank you for your patients, and we hope to have the newer site up and functioning as soon as possible.

Site Issues ((OOC))

Nittri, Jan 5, 09 6:41 AM.
    Recently I have been informed that there is an issue with the use of GuildPortal and the browser being used. When you are trying to view some of the posted information on our site with FireFox it works just fine, but if you try and view it on Internet Explorer it is viewed in Russian. I am not for sure the reason of this, but I will be looking into the matter.

    I have had many issues with using GuildPortal and will most likely be choosing to move our site to a new location. When I figure out what location that will be I will post it as new news information. Please pay attention to all news that is posted so that you stay updated. If you have any concerns with which site we are going to, questions on if you will be losing any information, or anything such that you feel I need to be informed please do.

    I am not fully sure the date of when this change will happen but I am looking at before the end of this month the new site will be up and running for members and non-members to view. Thank you, and I hope you have been able to manage you needs while using GuildPortal.

New Frontier?

Marlonis, Jan 2, 09 1:06 PM.



Announcement made by Governor Nirr’ti Kala

    Recently there has been an issue that has arisen between Blue Nova Industries and Ammatar Mandate agreement of trade and renting locations within the Mandate.     

    While visiting the head office of the Ammtar Consulate, in Tanoo, Nirr’ti Kala was met by Shi’va Lativa, a representative from the Ammatar Consulate, for negotiation on the price of renting another office of the Consulate’s in Jariazz. The Consulate laid out a price for an office in Jariazz to Blue Nova Industries, which they felt was a reasonable price for the corporation, but Nirr’ti Kala considered it to be too steep for the location of the office. Blue Nova Industries tried to haggle with the Consulate, which seemed only to falter the negotiation process. Disagreeing on any form of result to the negotiation process Shi’va chose to close the negotiation on the pricing of the newer office and any further deals for offices within the Mandate’s sovereignty.

    Blue Nova Industries, at the time being, has been suspended from the Ammatar Mandate for an unclassified reason. Until further notice all members of Blue Nova Industries are required not to enter Ammatar Mandate’s sovereignty space or use any of the Ammatar Mandate’s corporations under strict regulations by the Ammatar Consulate. The Ammatar Mandate has put Blue Nova Industries on probation from their sovereignty space until they feel it is ok to lift the probation.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and please stand by for later information in the newer location of Blue Nova Industries headquarters.

Always Updating

Nittri, Sep 16, 08 2:08 PM.

Welcome everyone. Currently we are updating everything you see here. Since the beginning of this site I have been tearing down, putting back up, and finding new things to add. The site is ever changing, and a new banner is in the making currently.
I hope you enjoy our site, and everything you are interested is easily located.

Thank you, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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