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Get Off my Lawn
Guild Charter

What we are looking to build is a larger(2-3g) guild that is composed of independently operating '6-man' groups.  There will NOT be an A-team, B-team hierarchy.  The groups will essentially be equal and independent.

To that end we are NOT putting together what would be considered the best possible group and leaving the scraps to fall into place.  The initial groups that form are not final, they will evolve as necessary, dictated by playtime, personalities, etc.

We have published a preliminary list of 'Day 1 Groups'.  Mostly to avoid the situation where people feel snubbed, left out, etc, so there are some very tentative groups from the beginning.  There will be subs and people not able to get online early on, etc, but the point is that assuming the people in your 'day 1 group' are there on day one you don't have to think about putting a group together and leaving anyone out. (top priority will be to keep together people that want to play together and then to fit people into the roles that they want to build solid groups)

Also once things settle down and we have a few groups ironed out and playing 3 nights a week or so we will overlap one of those weeknights at least once a week.  Call it "shake and bake' night or something equally corny, we will trade players between the groups one night a week.  So say one week the 2 groups trade out their healers, or tanks, etc.  The point of all this is to get more rounded pvp-experience and to make both groups better.  Also just to hang out with different people once in a while but still in a productive environment.

Who should be in this guild?  We are basically looking for people who want to pve and eventually pvp in a scheduled and organized environment at least 3 nights a week.

When it comes time the individual groups will come together to accomplish something, either an rvr objective or a pve one.  But I generally want independent groups that will get things done themselves first. 

You are more than welcome to invite competent friends to the guild, although we cannot guarantee them space in a scheduled group.



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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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