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Albion with 5 Relics !!! by Ironhand
The Story
Relic 6
The Great Relic Raid (07-04-2004)
Chapter 1 : The Story

First off... Great Job and thanks to all those who assisted in the Great Relic Raid yesterday 07-04-2004.  A BIG thank you to Smackdaddy for leading it.

The day started out like any other day in Albion.  Dynasti woke up with dreams of leveling.  He and Howlong, headed out to find adventure.  Soon, they discovered that help was needed in the dangerous Frontiers, as our forces were gathering for a great relic raid.  So Howlong and Dynasti, headed to Castle Savage to assist as they could.  Howlong at level 43 and Dynasti at level 40, knew they would probably end up dead many times, but also knew they had the best healers in all the realms to keep them alive or at the very least resurrect them.

When they arrived at Castle Savage, the main body of Albion forces where converging on Dun Crauchon.  When we arrived we assisted in the massive assault that would take place over several hours.  First securing the towers and then the main castle itself.  When the battle ended, the Albion forces re-grouped and headed to Dun Crimthainn.  Again we began to lay siege to the towers and as they fell one by one into Albion control, Dun Crimthainn's inhabitants began to quiver at the mighty Albion force assembled before them.

While the main force was attacking and taking the northern castles, small bands of Albion's finest where holding off Hibernian and Midgardian attacks at other outposts and castles under our control.  They held strong at Dun Da Behnn and Dun nGed.

Once we controlled Dun Da Behnn, Dun nGed, Dun Crimthainn and Dun Drouchon, the main force headed to the Hibernian Power Temple.  As our forces approached the Main Gate, the first wave of brave Albion warriors threw the gate where massacred.  The rest of the force dug in and began to lay siege the mighty gates.  After about 20 minutes of fighting the word came to rush the gates.  The battle was fierce, and Albion was VICTORIOUS.  After the battle ended, we tended to our wounded, re-grouped and then headed for the Hibernian Temple.

As we arrived at the temple, I think most of us where a bit shocked.  There was very little resistance.  We quickly snuffed out the temple guards and began lowering the Cauldron.  Once the Cauldron was in hand, the force moved out, heading home to Albion.  The trip was long, almost 2 hours before we reached our beloved homeland, and placing the Cauldron within our Temple walls.  During the long journey not a single enemy was seen.  It was as if we where invisible to them.

While a large force escorted the Cauldron to Albion another small band of Heroes attempted to hold Dun Crimthainn, but couldn’t and retreated to Dun Crouchon.  There they held their ground valiantly. They managed to fend off the Hibernian Army until the relic was safely delivered and the delivering army returned.  By the time we returned to Dun Crauchon, it was about to fall.  With re-enforcements arriving, the Hibernian army was suddenly crushed outside the gates with only 5% left to the Dun Crauchon walls.  They had held.  BRAVO to those brave Albion warriors who stood their ground.

Once Dun Crauchon was secured, we moved south to Dun Bolg.  This time, small groups lay siege to two towers at once.  Both towers fell in no time.  But the main castle was a different story.  It took sometime for this one to fall.  Many brave Albion warriors fell there that day.  Their names will forever be remembered for their sacrifices.  At this time, many new re-enforcements came and many headed home after a long day of fighting.  It was almost a complete turnover.  Dynasti was 12th in the Chat after being at the bottom of 127 Albion’s.  Almost a complete turnover of forces occurred during the battle of Dun Bolg.  Although I think some left for a short time and then returned to help finish.

Once Dun Bolg fell, and we once again controlled 4 Hibernian castles, the massive Albion army headed for the Hibernian Strength Temple.  As we approached the Main Gate, a small army of Hibernian forces attempted to defend it.  They where quickly over-run.  As our army moved threw the gates, Dun Crauchon came under siege.  We new time was running short and must hurry to the temple.  As we approached the temple, another small group of Hibernian fighters attempted to stop our massive army and where quickly silenced. We began lowering the Staff and Hammer simultaneously. Once both relics where secured we headed home to Albion.  Once we reached Dun Crauchon a mighty War Galleon awaited us.  It quickly filled up and another scout boat approached.  I jumped in the scout boat and we followed the War Galleon back to Albion.

As our ships headed home, the forces of Hibernia and Midgard had taken 12 of our towers in Albion.  We knew we must hurry, deliver these relics and re-capture our towers or we may not have these newly acquired relics for long.  The ships docked just west of the Mile Gate.  Our forces disembarked and readied ourselves for any forces who might attempt to stop us.  To our surprise, no-one stood in our way.  We delivered the relics to our Temple, secured our gates and began retaking our towers.

Dynasti decided it was time to head home, to get some well deserved sleep.  But before he left, he noticed, the forces of Albion had re-captured 8 of the 12 keeps held by the enemy armies.

During the fighting, Dynasti saw many friends and guild mates fighting along side him. Some of them where…. And if I forgot you… please let me know and I will update the list….

Guild mates: Bloodlines, Cutewind, Dynasti, Evangeline, Holymariel, Howlong, Kalibus, Preyon, Soulblade, and Theodora

Friends: Galthore, Keo, Overman, Garbh and Smackdaddy

It was a GREAT day for Albion !!

Vive Los Whappos

-Dynasti Dasha

Chapter 2 : Relic 6
Date: 07-06-2004

By the end of day, the forces of Albion had captured the final Relic, the Horn of Valhalla (Power relic of Midgard).  Great job to all those who made that raid possible. 

Now for the first time in Albion history, we control all 6 relics.

I will post an update to this story as needed.

- Dynasti

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