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Keepers of the Eclipse

If you haven't yet done this... Please click "Join Keepers of the Eclipse" at the top of this page!  This will give you full member benefits to the Guild site.

We are a casual guild. We have many scheduled raids, however they are not  mandatory as we understand that people have real lives and can not always make it.

We are very active in tradeskill advancement; we have
set up trade prices among our guild members so that we can all get our ingredients at a lower cost from guild members. This way everyone will be able to get up levels and make more money in the long run.

Guild writs are very important at the moment and we ask that every new recruit complete at two writs (if you are lvl 1-19) and one writ if you are lvl 20 and up to be a full member. We want to make sure that we have people who care about the guild and will help to make us stronger along with
My husband Irridium and I are the guild owners and I am a homemaker so I am almost always reachable if you have a question or concern.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns at



Inactive Accounts to be Removed

Deleted User, Mar 28, 05 8:45 PM.

All Recruit accounts inactive for 21 days, starting doday 3/28/05, will be deleted.  All Member accounts inactive for 31 days will be removed.  The first inactive toons will be removed on April 28, 2005.

Thank you,

Just to update evryone on my whereabouts.

Deleted User, Mar 15, 05 9:50 AM.
Ok, So I am the cheif witness in a spousal/child abuse case. I am dealing with lawyers and my friend on whose behalf I am testifying most of the time, and when I am not, I am busy being extremely paranoid that the brake line cutting psycho will find out where I live. So, I havent exactly been online for a while. I have court dates and meeting all the rest of this month so I probably won't be on till the beginning of April (the last court date this month is 3/30) then there isn't any more court till May 4.

If one of the officers could please e-mail or call me when you see this I would appreciate it. Wardork you in particualar please contact me.

I will give yall another update if anything changes. Thanks for being patient with your absent guild leader guys!


Tradeskills, tradeskills, and more tradeskills.

Deleted User, Feb 28, 05 7:35 AM.
We have finally worked out offical trading rules for guild members. In an effort to make all of us get more money and cheaper armor, weapons, ingredients, furniture, whatever, we ask that you charge other guild members 10% over cost for items you have and are selling to them. This means go to the merchant and see what he will pay (they now all pay cost for everything) and add 10% to that price. Here is the math for those of you who don't wanna have to figure it out:

Cost x .10 = 10% then add that number to the original cost
Example: 10silver x .10 = 1 then   10+1 =11 so the price is 11 silver

If my math sucks which it frequently does, let me know and I will get Irridium to do it for you all :-D

Remember even if you could sell the items for alot more you will make up the money when you need something, so even if you lose 20 silver giving someone a peice of furniture at this price, when you need some armor the discount you get on that will make up for it.

I will start a thread on the message board where people can post what they need or what they are selling, please feel free to use it as you can't get what you need if we don't know you need it!


Weekly raids

Deleted User, Feb 28, 05 7:24 AM.
Every sunday at 6:00 pm CST we will have a raid so please consult the Message of the Day on Sunday to see where it is at. These are not required, but if you are on-line at the time and plan not to attend please let an officer know why, as it is strongly recomended that you do attend. Raids are an excellent source of experience for both you and the guild so we hope to see a big turn out!


Weekly writs

Deleted User, Feb 28, 05 7:21 AM.
We ask that all full members complete 1 guild writ a week to maintain membership.

If you have problems with this such as work or getting grounded from EQ2 just let me know and we will work something out. If you have not completed the writ and you also have not been on EQ2 for a week or so,  I will assume something has happened to prevent you logging in. I will not just boot people without figuring out what is going on first so don't worry :)

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