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Blóód Hórde Assàssins

Welcome to the website for the guild Blóód Hórde Assàssins. If you are already a guild member login and join our page. If you're not a member we are currently recruiting a few classes listed to the left. If you fall under these exceptions feel free to join!

Guild Summary

Welcome to the Blóód Hórde Assàssins we are happy you could join us.

This guild was formed originally with the intention of playing the game with my real life friends/family on the same realm. It has grown with the desire to see more of what this game has to offer and see. We look for members that are friendly, respectful and helpful to others. A lot of our members have families and responsibilities that take us away from the game at times. We understand these things. This guild has minors and adults within it so take care when speaking to others. We have Father's, sons, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, nephews and friends here. So we do look out for each other. Many of us started in this guild in the single digit levels and have grown to our 50's, 60's & 70's. Our bank used to be non existent, now we have four tabs and counting. We have come a long way.

Now we have our guild website. Go through our helpful links, read and comment in our forums. Start another forum topic. Put a shout out to a fellow guildy in our shout out section. Read up on game news. Have some cool pics to share from a run you did? Add them to our Photo section. If you would like to take pictures for our albums you can do so by...

1. Press alt z, to clear away your bars, maps etc.

2. Press your print screen button.

3. Open up your "paint" program.

4. Click edit, then paste!

5. Press alt z again on your game screen to restore your bars, maps etc.

All set to add your pics to our album!

Please note: All members are required to inform Venomóus or any Blood Officer/Blood Guard with their information needed for your individual guild note. The information needed is your professions and their current level, and your age. Make sure your join date for the guild is also noted in the officers note at the time your information is added. No rank increase will be given without it.

As we push closer to our end game content more contests will be started to promote more leveling within the guild. Questing alone, as well as grouping will help you to improve your ability to play your toon. It is very hard to learn your own personal best if you're always getting run throughs.

Being helpful is easy, even in the lower levels. For many of us these characters are alts, and we know the game. If someone is asking a question you can answer, go to it and give your input. You see someone you could help looking for quest assistance, help them out. Helping guildies is everyones responsibility, not just the Officers and high levels. Bank items, money deposits are another way of helping the guild out. These items go to guildies that also need them. Bank deposits expand our bank space, and will repair armor/weapons after our instance runs such as Karazan.

All items donated for other members are to be mailed to our guild banker for deposit.

Guild Banker - Bloodybanker

Grouping/runs - Groups/runs can be scheduled for members needing to finish quests or to increase their profession. For example..a shard run for an enchanter. These runs will usually be scheduled on a weekend when more guildies are availble to participate in the runs. Although, some groups can be scheduled during the week for those not available on the weekends. We will not run you just so you can level up. We do have some members that offer runs to members at their liesure.

Group looting is as follows unless otherwise specified before the group starts.

You may ask to need an item if it is an upgrade to what you currently have. You may not need an item for another of your characters not in the party. An "upgrade" is an item of better quality/stats than you currently have now. Ask to need in advance, don't need then ask that's being a ninja.

If you are found to be someone that ninjas (steals) items while in a group you will be removed from the guild. We will not allow a reputation of having guild members that are ninjas.

1. Greed on all greens. Unless it's an upgrade to what you have now. Then you may ask to need the item in question.

2. Blue items are passed on and a shard roll is done if an enchanter is present. If no enchanter is present, the item is greeded on. If a blue item is needed, you may ask the other party members if you can need it.

3. Purple/Orange items are always greeded on.

4. All chests are rolled on. Type /roll to do this.

5. Items for professions such as mining, herbalism,and skinning are alternated between the members with the skills to do so. Asking who has what profession before the group starts is always helpful.

Money Policy - We are not in a guild to hand out money, however we will show you how to make your own. If another member chooses to give/lend money it's of their own free will. Reimbursements will not be made for funds not returned to anyone. If you ask and do not get a response, do not ask an additonal 10 times. Begging will only annoy the other members and will not be tolerated.

Guild Repairs - Repairs will be paid for guild instance runs such as Kara only. Providing such funds are available at that time. Any other damages made while questing/grouping are the responsibility of each individual member. If you quest and work on your professions, this should not be an issue for you.

Bank Vault - You will need to be an active member for two weeks before you are allowed any access to the guild bank items. At such time you will receive a guild tabard and begining access to the vault. Additional access is determined on a member to member basis. The longer you are a member, and the more reliable/helpful you are, the more access you will receive. If we don't see/talk with you, we don't know you and will not allow further access.

If you are found to remove an item your toon/profession does not need you will loose your Guild Vault access for two weeks. If you are found to do it again you will loose your access permanently and are subject to removal from the guild.

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