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Dec 14, 08 11:54 AM
Oct 14, 08 4:28 AM
Look what Team 2 did!
Sep 20, 08 5:28 AM
Za A.O.P. Boss Graveyard
Sep 9, 08 5:39 AM
Spanked by A.O.P.
Sep 9, 08 5:34 AM

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Ace of Pain is an Alliance guild focused on growing, raiding together and enjoying the good company of old and new friends along the way.

Our main focus is to see and conquer end
game content through teamwork, dedication and good times!

Ace of Pain is about teamwork respect and alot of fun.We aren't trying to raid seven days a week. We aren't a group that accepts everyone that sends a /whisper because we want to be the biggest guild on the server or because we need bodies to fill out a raid. We are just a bunch of folks that like to play with friends make new friends have fun and laugh.

Please check out our rules to learn more about who we are and what's expected while you wear our colors. We take pride in it and work hard to make it mean exactly what we are. Great folks, good times and a great team!

If this sounds like a guild you'd like to be a part of feel free to sign up on our recruitment forums. One of the officers will be in touch with you to see if AOP is right for you.

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Tuiley, Dec 14, 08 11:54 AM.
You guys have been very busy since the release leveling and now that alot are 80 running heroics back to back!  Keep up the great work.

We are currently looking for healers. Priests esp, but we're taking apps for all healing classes. You can post your application on the forums if you're interested.

I'm posting the pre naxx stats on the member forums to give you an idea of where you need to be in order to be a helpful member of the raid. Please take the time to check it and make sure your ton is in good shape before signing up for future raids.

Our guild seems to be the most active after 7pm on weeknights so if you're needing a heroic run be sure to be on around that time. Next week we will starting adding naxx to the raid calendar so there's no time to waste getting ready.  Don't forget to show up with your consumables, pots and please be enchanted and socketed !  Also have your updated version of Boss Mods, paladins have pally power. any questions get with me in game.

Keep up the hard work!


Tuiley, Oct 14, 08 4:28 AM.
Currently the guild is waiting for the release of WOTLK. We're no longer raiding as a guild with less than a month to go before release. We're not recruiting until the majority of us hit 80 and I see where we are in terms of what we'll be needing.

Some of the bank items will become out dated so if theres something that you're needing please send lan a tell or an in game mail letting me know what you need. I may begin liquidating items while theres still a need for them to build up the banks funds.

I hope everyones reserved their expansion by now. The race will be on soon and it'll help to level in groups when we can b/c i'm sure alot of you remember the gankfest when bc was released.

Anyone needing to max a prof before it hits for the toon that will be your main get with me and I will see what I can do to help out.

Any other issues, get with me! lol

I'm excited. I hope you guys are too!

See you in game.
Lan <3

Look what Team 2 did!

Tuiley, Sep 20, 08 5:28 AM.
Great Job Team 2!!!

Za A.O.P. Boss Graveyard

Tuiley, Sep 9, 08 5:39 AM.

Spanked by A.O.P.

Tuiley, Sep 9, 08 5:34 AM.

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Konstantinos Wraith Spear
Catterly Embrace of the Spider
Catterly Spirit-World Glass
Bearum Splint-Bound leggings
Divinexwrath Bracers of Lost Sentiments
Adgert Watchful Eye
Adgert Grieving Spellblade
Dgus Hatestrike
Lisani Retcher's Shoulderpads
Divinexwrath Girdle of the Ascended
Sabberz Tunic of Dislocation
Adgert Heros' Frostfire Robe
Bearum Heros' Dreamwalker Robe


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