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Como começou ?

Esta ideia de criar um site começou numa noite que estávamos aborrecidos, resolvemos então criar um tipo de "blog,forum" que nos ajudasse no percurso pelo Lineage II. Depois resolvemos aprofundar esta ideia do "site", e criar algo mais ambicioso.

Qual é o Objectivo ?

Boas! O obejctivo deste site foi feito para ajudar no nosso percurso pelo L2 Paradise, server The Exodus. Neste site vai ter o guide das quests, crafts, spoil system, alguma diversão, informação sobre o nosso actual clan (caso mudemos de clan será escrito no fórum, na devida plataforma) algumas informações sobre clans, inimigos e outros assuntos a discutir. Também vão ser dadas informações sobre o progresso do server.

Qual é o Server de Lineage II ?

Este site como já dissemos foi realizado para o percurso no Lineage II, The Exodus, low rate . Ainda está em Beta Phase 3, como podem ver no L2 server Status "offline", Se perguntarem quando vai abrir , não sabemos, mas esperamos o mais rápido que possível.

Este site está aberto ao público, a informação privada está no fórum e só alguns membros é que tem direito para ver alguns tópicos do fórum.



Do NOT patch your clients!

539895693_Inactive, Aug 10, 08 6:02 PM.
I've been saying this over and over again but nobody is listening, so LISTEN UP. We at l2Paradise are using the 100% retail client.

DO NOT delete your GameGuard folder,
DO NOT use a patcher to remove GameGuard
DO NOT remove any files in your LineageII folder.

By coding this server ourselves and not editing the client, we are staying legal. If you edit your client, it goes against the LineageII TOS and is therefore illegal.

Connecting to the server works perfectly well with a fully retail client. If you have problems connecting, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have read through The Beta Guide
2. Make sure you have the correct IP in your hosts file
3. Make sure you have your AntiVirus disabled or you have made an exception for your LineageII folder.
4. Make sure you are running as administrator if you are in Vista.
5. Make sure your client is 100% retail!. [My system folder]

I will not repeat myself any longer. If i see anyone posting any more links to patchers you will get 2 points added to your infractions.

Fixes for Sunday

539895693_Inactive, Aug 10, 08 5:15 PM.

After today you should feel a lot smoother walking for Geodata + Less bugs when walking. I found two critical reports in the geodata that caused anytime you moved a Y cord, it could possible mess up. Also, I found that every time you walked, you would be put on the layer of geodata below you. So that is also fixed. Keep finding those bugs, as I promise, DAILY UPDATES up until Thursday. Tomorrow, I will spend my time on re-vamping the Buff section. Currently, its pretty hard to implement one skill due to the fact there are hundreds of different things, Damage On Insects, Damage on bugs, damage on undead, + physical dmg, - physical dmg, ect ect, the list is over 150 long. So Ill need to make a new system to dynamically implement them for each one. Shouldnt take all day. Exspect some small fixes too. Once im done this, ill finish up the SpiritShot/Bless Spiritshot bug.

Here are today's fixes. Enjoy.



[July 27th]
4. I am a fighter type and I got 3k spiritshots for newbies instead of soulshots from quest The Guard is Busy.
3. Most of the same type mobs like Giant Toads should cooperate, when the range between frogs are small and you agro the first one, second one will also attack you.
Edit2: died at lvl 3 and lost 1%, u shouldnt be loosing exp till lvl 10, guards dont go back to their position after following and killing a pk
[Quest]: I can't take Spirit of Mirrors quest even if I am lvl10.
[Quest]: When I started the Shards of Golem quest, I had to speak to Magister Harrys. Harrys send me to speak to Blacksmith Altran. I speak to Altran and click on "Say you will help",and Altran say me to kill Stone Golem to retrieve golem shards. But the quest dont want show this next step. Its still sais I have to speak to Blacksmith Altran. I spoke to Altran again,but still the same thing.
- U can attack while siting.
1. Anyway there is a bug with peace zone, for example: if you are fighting with someone outside and that someone are casting wind strike, you run to safe zone, but once the casting is complete you still get damage and if there is not enaugh hp you die in peace zone. I am not sure about damage, but you shoudn't die at safe zone, thats why many pvps are near city gates in global and other servers.
When finished "Step into Future" quest, it still shows that it's in progress. image
[Archangell] Cancelling the creation of a character gets you stuck on the loading screen.
2. Funny bug: When you dice a dice, you don't see the number you diced in chat window, also there is almost no reuse for those dices, see yourself
"/time" doesn't work.
I keep geting fox four quest items even thou i finished the quest.(the quest at the lighthouse)
[BloodOnFire] When i do the quest Deliver the goods and finish it i talk again with guard Arnold and he says that i still haven't delivered the quest items to the npc's but when i look in the quest window i don't have any quests
-Something invisible does not allow players to cross the bridge:

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