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Welcome to Chamber Linkshell!
(Updated 3/5)

Bidding rules:

2 points are obtained for attending Einherjar on time and staying for the duration of the run. These points are used to bid on abjurations via the silent bidding system. 

The bidding system works like so. I will call out the name of drop and "open bids":


<Grover> MBody Taking bids.

After that point everyone interested in the item will /tell Grover with the amount of points they want to bid. It is imperative that you toss your lamp to get ampoules if you are not interested in any drops after the ending of a run. 


/tell Grover I bid 4 points.

The highest bidder on the abjuration will be declared the winner in Linkshell Chat and will be given the opportunity to lot said abjuration. Points will then be deducted off website. You CAN NOT bid more points than you have. Doing so will result in you being asked to leave the linkshell.

Cost of entry: 

The cost of entry for Einherjar is calculated like so:

(180,000 gil / Linkshell Members Online) -  (Late payments from previous run.)

With 36 people, it's usually 5,000 gil to enter. When I announce that payments will be taken, please trade your party leader. Your party leader will accept payments and then pay me 30,000 gil. I will then distribute glass to party leaders to hand out to their party members. 

Do not go afk near entry time or your party may be locked out. We only have 30 minutes inside the Chamber and that starts counting down by the time I reserve, not the time we enter. So we need to move and move quickly.

It is up to alliance leaders and party members to let me know in LS chat if someone isnt't inside yet. When everyone is inside and ONLY if everyone is inside do we then start pulling monsters from the chamber.

Inside the Chamber:

When we enter, alliance 1 heads to the south of entry point, Alliance 2 to the north. The peuller then proceeds to pull a mass amount of mobs to the two camps.

Paladin Assists will be responsible for claiming mobs off the pulling train.

Damage Dealers will assist the PLD in their party/alliance while BRDs, CORs will sleep links. If we get blue slimes, only claim one at a time. Alliance 2 PLD will assist Alliance 1 PLD in that case. Red slimes are fine to be taken two at a time. 

Occasionally during the run, a NM bird or tiger will spawn. These must be killed immediately. DDs from each alliance peel off to fight these NMs. These NMs must be killed immediately, if left untouched they can do special things to the chamber. Bad things. From increasing the mob strength, to making the mega boss even stronger.

Miscellaneous F.A.Q

Q: I never entered Einherjar before, can I go with you guys on Tier 2/Tier 3/ Odin?

A: Yes and no. For Tier 2 and 3, new members who have -NO- Einherjar experience can enter with us on Tier 2 or 3. However, to enter Odin's battlefield you need only ONE wing from a Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 chamber

Q: Do all monsters inside need to die? Can we just kill the mega boss inside to get the win credit?

A: No, everything inside the chamber needs to be defeated in order for the treasure chest to spawn.

Q: How long do we have to complete the Chamber?

A: We have only 30 minutes to clear the whole chamber. This gives us about 15-20 minutes to kill all of the regular monsters to be safe time-wise for the boss. A boss on average has about 100,000 HP more or less so 10 minutes should be plenty.


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