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0rder of the Silver Serpent
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The Order of the Silver Serpent is a roleplaying guild on the "Angel Island" player-run Ultima Online server. As roleplayers, we try to immerse ourselves into the world our characters inhabit and respond to events in the game in a manner our characters would. The game world is like a stage, and our characters are the actors.

Recruitment and advancement in the guild are centered around your Test of Virtue, where you will be challenged to make some important choices on the morals of your character and to accomplish a series of difficult and often dangerous tasks. Only those who proceed through the initial phases will be taken as Squires by one of the Knighthood, and then only after completing all of your Tests of Virtue will you have the opportunity to earn a knighthood yourself.

OSS is militaristic in nature. Historically the Order was the City Guard of the City of Serpent's Hold, located on the Isle of Deeds some distance southeast of Trinsic. As such, we have a formal but not overly combersome rank structure that would be consistent with that of a City Guard. We are members of the Britannian Militia kin alignment and will participate in the Faction Wars upon release as champions for Lord British.
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