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Sep 21, 08 1:14 PM
Welcome to Devour website! It isn't much, but its all we need.  Alittle information about the guild!   We are a PvE based guild, Raiding endgame instances from Kara up through The Eye. The guild has a friendly enviroment, very active!

One of our newest fun things is the VoTe Of the Day!  Every day in the guild message of the day, I place one question for you to send me your votes/answers on.  Participants get a special prize!

Another fun thing that has currently just started running is our trivia bot channel! Bored? Standing around Shatt, SW, or IF, just jumping in circles??  /join trivia to test your knowledge on our favorite game, WoW!

Feel free to contact us ingame, make a forum account, or apply to our guild! 

We are currently Openly recruiting for most classes!  ACTIVE raiders only, if you are inactive you probably should not apply!

Thanks for the intrest!

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539900306_Inactive, Sep 21, 08 1:14 PM.
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