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Big Fish!
Sep 16, 08 9:16 PM
WotLK hits stores Nov 13th
Sep 15, 08 2:00 PM
Devoted in ZA...getting to be a habit
Sep 5, 08 9:54 PM
Devoted is here!
Aug 15, 08 11:56 PM

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Welcome to <Devoted>

Devoted is looking toward hitting T5-T6 content hard once our numbers grow. As of now we are hitting T5 Content, 2-3 Hour full clears of Kara, and Full ZA clears with Bear Mount Focus. When Wrath of the Lich King comes out, our concentration will be to hit the expansion head on and blow through it so the process of gearing everyone will be done by a group of individuals who know how to play together.

In Devoted, you will never be just a number. We will have a membership cap that as of now, will not exceed 40 Accounts and the focus will be EVERY Member raids. We believe in Quality not quantity. We believe success comes from a manageable core of Raiders that take pride in not only their play style, but in their devotion to the Guild.

The main thing we require is that you are devoted to playing your toon at a high level and devoted to progressing our Guild. If you can play your toon at an elite level, sign up and show up for raids reliably, don't act like an idiot, and fit the Devoted mold, you can come aboard. No one in this Guild will ever expect anything more from you than what they have put into their own toon.

This Guild was founded by a group of Hard Core Raiders, that came from a very successful Guild, that just wanted more. The kind of leadership and play style it takes to accomplish what others think is impossible, is what drives this Guild. This Guild was born out of the desire to focus all efforts and all our energy on one common goal. Devoted will always be of one mind, one goal, one team. If at any point a Guildie strays from that, they will be gone. Egos will be checked at the door.

Our Raids require focus and the ability to work as a team. If you like to hear the sound of your voice on vent or "Hope Epic so and so drops" then look elsewhere. If you have a problem with being one equal part of a whole group, this Guild is not for you. If your idea of fun is just casual raiding and socializing, then this Guild is not for you.

If you fit the mold of what Devoted is looking for, we will guarantee that you will raid content appropriate to your readiness. However, we expect you to sign up frequently and show up reliably for raid content where you will perform well. The Guildie will be the one that should know what content they are ready for, if they have to be told, once again they do not belong here.

You will never be treated like a child and whispered about behind your back. This is an in-your-face guild, and if there is a problem, we will talk to you face to face. At no time will any disagreement be allowed to fester. We will discuss everything openly in this Guild, but ALWAYS with respect. If you can't handle suggestions, critiques, or recommendations for better performance of your toon, then Devoted is not for you.

If your idea of fun is working together as a Team to accomplish greatness; if your idea of a great Guild is no politics, a business like attitude, and an “Open Door” policy; if your interested in stepping out of your comfort zone to be a part of something great, and most of all; if you just love to Progress, then Devoted IS for you!

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Big Fish!

MrMod, Sep 16, 08 9:16 PM.
Now that's a big fish!
It's a floater

WotLK hits stores Nov 13th

MrMod, Sep 15, 08 2:00 PM.
WotLK Press Release

For The Burning Crusade, 2.0.3 went live 5 weeks before it hit the stores.  So I expect something similar with WotLK.  So you're looking at 3 weeks until 3.0.x hits live servers with new talents, in game Calendar, in game Threat meter, new profession, barber shop, no more crushing blows from mobs 3 lvls higher than you, etc.

Also 3 weeks to finish getting Champion of the Naaru or Hand of A'dal titles, along with Amani bear mounts.

Devoted in ZA...getting to be a habit

MrMod, Sep 5, 08 9:54 PM.
Zul'Jin Downed:

Malacrass is tough, but Teamwork is the key:
Hex Lord Malacrass

Devoted is here!

539581018_Inactive, Aug 15, 08 11:56 PM.
Devoted is here. Bringing you fresh tales of glory and a stack of loot from your favorite raids.

Kara? Farm...
Gruuls? Done...
Mags? Done...
ZA? Ya mahn...
Timed ZA? Wanna see a neat looking bear?
SSC? Been there...
TK? Done that...

Come on...join us and see. What's the worst that can happen? That's what the release button is for!

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