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KoH Leader
jaksul (Ninazu)
KoH Leader
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Welcome to Knight of Honour!

We are an EU based EQ2 guild on the US server Guk.We are a level 90 family guild who enjoy raiding and grouping together
We have members from all around the world, from the US to England and Ireland and some members from places like Turkey and Japan.

Please feel free to pop into the public part of our forums to say hey or ask a question or two.


Guild Merge

curlywurly, Jul 1, 12 11:54 AM.
Hello Guildies

As you know as EQ2 appears to be very quiet, i have arrranged with Fools & Heroes that if you want too we can join one or more of our characters too their guild for grouping purposes. Obviously this is helpful for the grouping and when the guild is very quiet. Any questions, just ask:0) Raiding with the alliance is still the same. Please try to join the raids so we can progress and get better gear!

Recruiting for KOH

curlywurly, Nov 5, 11 1:11 PM.
Hi Guildies!
Please be aware i would be nice for us to get new members to Knights of Honour. If you are interested in helping us too recruit further please let me know ( Curlywurly), we are in need in particular of plate healers that wish to raid when at higher level.

3 Years

jaksul, Jun 24, 11 3:39 AM.
   Happy Birthday
 Knights of Honour
Celebrating 3 short years

Regarding EQ down

curlywurly, May 11, 11 8:19 AM.
Hi Guildies

I am missing you all! As you all probably know by now, Sony has some major problems and looks like Eq may not be up and running until end of May sigh. We also have a page on facebook knightsofhonour, become a fan, some members are chatting in there to keep everyone up dated. Hope to see you all again soon.

ToFS x2 access granted

jaksul, Apr 14, 11 4:55 AM.
Congrats Knights, after trial and error we finally manged to gain guild access to the x2 raid area of Tower of Frozen Shadows.
 Good job on those in the final group.

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